Hollywood Tour (Part 2)

Okay, if you already went on the first part of our Hollywood tour, here’s the second:

Chris and Nate went to Barney’s Beanery, where Doors singer Jim Morrison used to hang out, and where Janis Joplin spent her last night alive. Nate doesn’t really know who Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin are, but Chris was awed. Nate was more interested in the delicious burgers and chili-cheese fries:

They drove through the Hollywood Hills and looked at the cliffside houses; then of course went to the Hollywood sign. Chris found a secret drive that led them rather close to it – the closest he thought you could get:

The diner in their hotel was the diner where the last scene of Swingers was filmed with Vince Vaughn. They ate at the counter, ‘cause that’s what guys do (I’ve been informed):

They went to the Guinness Book of World Records museum and checked out the tallest man, the smallest woman and other strange facts. Nate loved that. He loves weird facts:

They drove by L.A. Ink, where Kat Von D and her group are inking up new customers daily (luckily my guys didn’t stop for tattoos! In fact, I tried to upload Nathan’s picture that he took out the car window as they were flying by, but it wouldn’t upload. So just imagine that one!)

They ended the trip with a visit to LAX, where they found a cool little spot on a grassy island where they could watch the planes fly overhead. Nate LOVED this. Chris said he was laughing the whole time because the planes fly very LOW and it’s kind of a weird feeling to be lying underneath them:

They had a great time! Chris said he felt like HE was 10 years old again – which (in his words) isn’t a long trip:

Have you ever been to Hollywood? I realize your experiences may be quite different than a 10-year-old’s! 🙂 — So what’s your favorite thing to visit there?

Your Hollywood Tour!

Want a quick tour of Hollywood?

Since Nate is still basking in the glow of his 10-year-old trip, I thought I’d share some of the photos he and Chris took and give you all a little tour of Hollywood, too! Here were the highlights:

They walked to the Hollywood Tower, which is a fabled hotel where a lot of deaths took place and is supposedly haunted. (Nate recognized this as the hotel that the “Tower of Terror” ride at Disney’s California Adventures is modeled after — can you see the resemblance?):

They walked across the street to the Kodak theater, where American Idol is taped:

Hey, a star sighting!

Nate liked looking at the stars along the sidewalk:

Nathan is a Master Souvenir Shopper. He’s made it into an art. It’s one of his favorite things to do on a trip, and he spends hours agonizing:

What he decided on was this ubercool messenger bag. He found it in front of Richie Valens’ star:

Come back tomorrow for the second part of the tour! (Barney’s Beanery, L.A. Ink and more!)

Have you been to Hollywood? What’s your favorite thing to see?

Wordless Wednesday: California Landmarks 6

Can you guess where this is? 🙂

A California Classic - Photo by C. Sanchez, 2010

Okay, that one’s too easy! (But isn’t it a great photo? Chris took it!) And this particular landmark is under a deal of controversy today, since conservation groups failed to make up the money needed to save this land (and the sign), so the land is up for grabs now for developers who might want to build a hotel there. (The drama continues. …)

You can also play with the other California landmarks I’ve posted (just guess before looking at the comments!). Here they are in case you want to goof off today:

Crazy Weekend

So my weekend involved an ER visit, hospital bracelets, blood tests, a CAT scan, lying on a hospital-railed bed with Superman at 3 a.m., a potassium IV and some catch-up sleep. …

How was yours?

(Feeling better now. It just makes me realize how health really is everything.)

Family Traditions: The 10-Year-Old Trip

So Superman and I started a tradition years ago that he would take the kids on a “10-year-old” trip when each of them turned that glorious age.

It started with Ricky, of course. It was originally meant to be to give dad and son time for serious talks — about growing up, important things, time to connect. Chris thought a road trip was perfect. So he asked Ricky where he’d like to go, and Ricky said Oregon! (?) … Okay. … We weren’t sure where that came from, but it was a nice long drive, and would be perfect for a road trip. Ricky was a big sports fan, even back then, and decided he’d love to so see the Oregon Ducks play, so that was the plan — a weekend road trip to see the Ducks. They had a great time and were gone for two days. But Chris admitted that Ricky seemed to get a little “homesick” for the rest of us by the end of the second day.

When Rene came into that exciting new decade, Chris asked where she’d like to go. Less a time for “serious talks” now, the 10-year-old trip started to become simply be a rite of passage, and some fun time to bond with dad. Rene chose … Carmel! Excellent choice. Beautiful place. We had recently gone there on a family trip, and Rene fell in love with the little seaside town. She had been especially smitten by the fact that dogs are allowed all over in Carmel — in restaurants, in stores. So that’s what Chris and Rene did. They even tucked in a trip to the Monterey Aquarium. But he said that Rene, too, seemed to get a tad homesick by the end of the second day.

So this year is Nate’s big year! We wondered where he would want to go. To Oregon like Ricky? to Carmel like Rene? Maybe to another seaside place he loved? He contemplated Arizona — he loves sports like his brother and thought about maybe going to see a football or baseball game there. He thought about some beach towns. Thought about some national parks. But then — in a decidedly typical Nathan move — he surprised us all. Nate wanted to go here: Continue reading

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