ARC Giveaway!

Well, this was an exciting thing to come home to one day: my very first box of ARCs (advanced reader copies)!

I tore open the box and found a letter from my publisher and a big stack of these pretty little things, looking almost like the finished book (except without the final cover)! Squeeeee! It’s the first time I’ve seen my book in actual book format, and it was crazily thrilling to flip through all the pages and see the chapter headers, and the text all set up, and the page numbers, and the title on every-other page, and my name on every-other page, and the back-cover blurb, and everything — just like a real live book!

(I wonder if that feeling will ever get old????)  Continue reading

Saying Hello to the California Sea Lions

I’m starting the third book! It’s going to be set at a marine rescue center, so this past weekend, Superman, Rene and I went to the Pacific Marine Mammal Rescue Center in Laguna for a little book research.

We saw all these cute little guys:

(More photos on the next page!) Continue reading

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