Pumpkin Carving Ghoul-ore!

Okay, we’re carving away! Superman and the kids got started on their pumpkins last night, and today we’re finishing things up.

Here’s Nathan’s so far:


Here’s Rene’s:


And here’s Superman’s.

He has a strange talent for this.

(He also likes to make the biggest mess.):


And here’s my project. Mom gets to roast the pumpkin seeds:


So we’re workin’ away, here! I’ll take some more when they’re all done and lit for the night.

Until then, let’s see Superman’s cool ghoul once more.

(I might have to hire him out next year…):


Wow! 1,000th Comment! Thanks, Kat!

Wow, Kat is my 1,000th comment!!! YAY!!! *confetti falling* *hands clapping*

Her comment on “Lovin’ Disney Halloween No. 2” marked 1,000 comments to date. How exciting!

And how appropriate that it’s Kat, too! Why? Because Kat was the first “outside person” (… you know … like not one of my friends or my husband) who became a fan of my blog. And she was the first to give me a link out in the blogosphere and put me on her blogroll. Back then (in February? March?), she wrote a nice little article about me on her blog (I was going to go find it for you, but I can’t find it now), and made me feel like an official blogger that day! {Thanks Kat!}

Her blog is great: It’s Happy Hour Somewhere, and is always funny.

I even mentioned her once before in this post about funny blog names because hers makes me smile every time. I also mentioned her in this thanks to all commenters, because I really do appreciate her and all of you.

So THANKS to everyone for helping me get to 1,000 comments. I love your comments. They totally make my day. (If you don’t believe me, just ask Superman.) You can all look for your official prize of fairy dust and rainbow glitter in the mail soon. …