7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Lovin’ Disney Halloween No. 2

  1. My pass is sitting in my purse all unhappy now…Jack Skellington is calling us to the Haunted Mansion. I may have to go tomorrow now~!

  2. Oh, Kat! You have passes????????? You lucky gal! We were just talking about maybe doing that for our family next year. I think we’d use them!

  3. Superman — Yes, but I believe it wasn’t the ‘scary stuff’ that made it difficult to sleep — no, siree, it was the 500 MILES we walked that day. (Feet aching, legs tense, ouch, ouch, ouch all the way to the car …)

  4. You may be right! I already am having nightmares about our future passes we might get. Orthopedic shoes here I come!

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