Reader Question: Where Do You Usually Write?

My well-loved, messy desk

My well-loved, messy desk

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This question is from avid romance reader (and one of my beta readers) Kristi Davis, whom I met on Twitter years ago.

Q: Where do you usually write? What does your desk look like?

A: I have a very small den in my very small house that’s one of my favorite  spots — and where I do ALL my writing. (I’m not a laptop writer at all.) I painted the room in  my favorite colors and fill my desk with cozy things — my Galileo thermometer from my dad, my Shakespeare quill from my mom, my “at” symbol from Restoration Hardware, cards from my hubby and kids, pictures of my hubby and kids, my fave reference books (Roget’s Thesaurus esp), etc. It gets a little messy but I love it. And I have a great window that lets the light in the most beautiful way. I love my desk!

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2 thoughts on “Reader Question: Where Do You Usually Write?

  1. I love seeing a writer’s space, and learning about their own unique writing routine, as much as I love looking into another person’s fridge!

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