The Crazy Holidays of 2013

I hope everyone’s having a lovely holiday season! I sure am. It’s not documented very well – since my computer crashed for awhile and my camera’s been giving me grief – but it’s truly been a wonderful (albeit kind of crazy) December!

I’ve managed to have a lot of fun visiting friends and family on the weekends, even though I’m also being strict with myself on my 4,000 words a week (which rose to 5,600 words a week when I let some November weekends slip by! Eek!). But I tend to write in the mornings and into the afternoons (just past lunch), then spend the late afternoons and evenings doing some running around and visiting with family and friends.

Of course, Ricky’s home, so we’ve hit quite a few of our favorite restaurants already with him and are filling him up with decent food. (He’s also thawing out, as he left negative-six-degree weather for 78-degree-weather.) We also did a “Family Movie Night” and all five of us managed to coordinate a night together and saw “Inside Llewelyn Davis” at the University Center.

I had a great book club party with my book club friends … Continue reading

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