Pretty Wedding Shower Table

My friend Debbie D. from the book club always does the most beautiful table decorations. (She’s also an amazing cook. … And she also has a gorgeous home. … I think I want to be Debbie when I grow up. …)

Anyway, she threw a wedding shower for Carrie, one of our book club friends, and she decorated the prettiest wedding-shower table.

These adorable bridesmaid’s dress cookies were on every plate, in different colors of pink, green, and white:

And her whole table was a pretty display of the same colors. She had green flowers in glass vases, going down the runner. And I loved the French bar glasses, too:

She always knows how to set a table that makes you want to sit down and linger. (And, er, sometimes we do. … for hours and hours!)

(Resulting Side Note: Don’t use her ideas if you want to clear your dinner party out quickly.)

I’ll try to round up more pictures of Debbie’s pretty table decor (she does beautiful Christmas brunches, too) in future posts.

Doing Book Collages for Your Manuscript

Last week, Jenny Crusie shared on her blog, Argh Ink, about how she loves doing collages of her manuscripts.

She pastes images to match the moods, tone, and themes of each of her manuscripts as she’s writing them — sometimes literal images (a picture of the diner the hero just bought) and sometimes just papers or fabrics to evoke a mood (floral paper that represents the heroine’s mood at the beginning of the story). She said it helps her work out plot points and “see” the book visually, and the way the scenes fit together. Her collages are absolutely beautiful. (If you want to see some of them, and read the discussion between her, Anne Stuart, and Lucy March about doing book collages, you can read the full conversation at Argh Ink here.)

I have to tell you, when I first read this, I got a little giddy inside.

I had been saying for weeks that I was really in the mood to scrapbook again — to get out all my paper, scissors, tape, pens, ribbons, pop-up dots, paper cutters, hole punches, brads, ink, stickers …

(Well … you get the idea. … “Getting everything out” means it’s strewn across my dining table for weeks. I have an embarrassing amount of scrapbooking supplies.) Continue reading

Another New Social Media Obsession — Pinterest!

So, as if I didn’t have enough social media sites to attend to … (and enough things to obsess over) … I found another really fun way to whittle away hours and hours of time I don’t have — Pinterest!

It’s sort of like a bookmarking site (like Kirtsy, Digg, Reddit, etc.), where you’re sharing cool stuff you’re finding on the web — in essence, “pinning” them to a wall that you share with others.

However, Pinterest is much more visual than those other bookmarking sites. Rather than pinning headlines, users are pinning photos that link back to articles. Typically, though, the photo stands alone, and what users are sharing is the item in the photo — a pretty couch, a great outfit, a clever D.I.Y. tip, a darling Etsy item. There are cute cupcakes, adorable puppy photos, georgeously decorated tables, stunning back yards. … People share home tips, health tips, decorating tips, inspirational quotes, and recipes. …

Ayeeeee …. You can spend hours and hours on there!

(Especially if you’re a really visual person.) Continue reading

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