Not-So-Rapid Weight Loss

So I’ve managed to lose about a half a pound per week since Christmas. …

Gah! Only ONE-HALF pound. PER WEEK.

But I guess it’s still better than the scale going in the other direction. …


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7 thoughts on “Not-So-Rapid Weight Loss

  1. That’s great! Don’t get discouraged, they say the slower you take it off, the longer it stays off. Have you tried that cinnamon and honey yet?

  2. I’m so proud of you! If you take it off slowly it is supposed to stay off – so have patience (easier said than done – I know) and before you know it you’ll be right where you want to be 🙂 Feb. 1st I started my diet too… Just cut out sweets sodas and fast food – yes, I eat like a teenager! The incentive to eat healthy has been the upcoming wedding. I don’t want to be the chubby one in the pics!

  3. Thanks, gals!

    Debi — Kinda-sorta on the cinnamon and honey, but Chris has become a HUGE convert! I’ll email you!

    M. — Oh, gosh, a wedding! Yes, that’ll spur things along! You’re cutting out a lot of things I love, though — Are you finding substitutes, or how are you doing that? (Simply motivated by the wedding?)

  4. It’s been a lot harder than I thought – I love sweets, I’m a fast food junkie and I had no idea how much soda I had been drinking! Trying to stay positive, but I have to admit the first few days felt torturous. Doing better now…I think 🙂 Not really finding substitutes. Just trying to eat more regular – such as breakfast (which I never have) and healthy meals and snacks. 🙁 You’d think this would be a little easy for me since I live with my exact opposite – Miss Ash eats soooo healthy and exercises! Going to try to start going to the gym again and walking, but don’t know when – hehe – baby steps for me… Motivation is the wedding, but also the grandbabies that will be coming into my life someday. Want to be a healthy, happy, old Gramma! Ok – and what is the cinnamon and honey think you and Debi are talking about??

  5. Good plan, M.! Does Miss Ash offer you ideas for healthy snacks? She could be a very helpful motivator to have around!

    The cinnamon and honey concoction is something Debi and her hubby tried — it supposedly has all of these health benefits, including weight loss.
    I had done an interview at Lifescript, too, with a nutritionist who was telling me that many studies are being done right now on cinammon because it seems to have blood-sugar-lowering properties for diabetes as well. So I figured cinnamon is a good (natural) thing no matter what!

    I haven’t been able to be consistent with drinking it as tea every morning, though. But Chris has! He’s giving it a try to see if it helps his knee/ankle joints, etc. He just asked me to buy more cinnamon, so he must like it!

  6. I’m with you baby! In my younger years I found losing weight was as easy as cutting out a couple of things and moving off the couch! Now?!?!?!?!? Forget it! This is actually WORK!!!!!!!
    Well, we all must adapt so I guess now I actually have to watch what I eat; but that was never in my “man” contract!

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