My Books on Pinterest

Do you like Pinterest? I’m all over that stuff, man. It’s like catnip to me, and if I’m not careful, I can go down a rabbit hole over there and be gone for hours.

(Luckily I also do Pinterest for my work during the normal workday, so I get my “fix” pretty much then.)

Anyway, in addition to all my personal boards, like the obligatory “Christmas Decor and Recipes,” “Fall Decor and Recipes,” “Table Settings,” “Places I’d Rather Be” and such, I have 2 new boards for my books! There I’m posting pictures of how I envisioned my characters, photos of the real places that inspired fictional scenes in the books, and videos of coastal activities that take place in the books.

If you’re a Pinterest person, click one of the boards below and come follow me there! Let’s have fun!

Follow Lauren’s board THE RED BIKINI, Book 1 on Pinterest.  Follow Lauren’s board TEN GOOD REASONS, Book 2 on Pinterest.

Twitter Humor: FirstDraftMovies

Sometimes Twitter does hilarious hashtag memes, like 3drunkwords, 3wordsaftersex, etc., and they’re always good for a long laugh on slow afternoons. One of the ones that cracked me up awhile ago was firstdraftmovies, in which fictional “first drafts” were shown of famous movie lines. Here were some of my faves:

  • “The first rule of Fight Club is all registrants must pay $20 and receive a membership card before they can fight.” @stephanbugaj
  • “Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to make me a sandwich?” @HanksStorm
  • “Play it, Sam. Play ‘Stairway to Heaven’ ” @riadams1
  • “Rule number one is: Don’t talk about Book Club.” @keithlaw
  • “Hey, I’m James Bond!” @JoshHolliday
  • “You had me at ‘I’m drunk and vulnerable’.” @eric_dolan
  • “Bloomfield. James Bloomfield” (sorry, didn’t get writer on that one!)
  • “I’m fairly disgruntled and I don’t think I’m going to put up with it anymore.” @powermond
  • “Nobody puts Shaniqua’ in the corner!” @Aarisa

Have a great Friday!

Another New Social Media Obsession — Pinterest!

So, as if I didn’t have enough social media sites to attend to … (and enough things to obsess over) … I found another really fun way to whittle away hours and hours of time I don’t have — Pinterest!

It’s sort of like a bookmarking site (like Kirtsy, Digg, Reddit, etc.), where you’re sharing cool stuff you’re finding on the web — in essence, “pinning” them to a wall that you share with others.

However, Pinterest is much more visual than those other bookmarking sites. Rather than pinning headlines, users are pinning photos that link back to articles. Typically, though, the photo stands alone, and what users are sharing is the item in the photo — a pretty couch, a great outfit, a clever D.I.Y. tip, a darling Etsy item. There are cute cupcakes, adorable puppy photos, georgeously decorated tables, stunning back yards. … People share home tips, health tips, decorating tips, inspirational quotes, and recipes. …

Ayeeeee …. You can spend hours and hours on there!

(Especially if you’re a really visual person.) Continue reading

Happy Friday! And a Facebook Funny for You…

I just want to give a little shout-out to the always-funny Tracy Kunzler today, who does humorous posts for me one Friday a month over at Health Bistro.

Today, she had a hilarious post about “tagging” photos on Facebook, and those mistakes we see our teens (and their friends) making:

Girls, I know it’s hard to believe now, but there may come a day when you’re not as proud of posing with your tongue out as though you’re about to lick your girlfriend as you are today. I know, I know. It’s such a great look, but learn from someone older (OK, much older) that your tastes will change.

Here’s the whole post: Facebook Photos — Forget TMI; These Days There Can Be TMP.  Go check her out and say hi!

And here’s Tracy’s own blog if you want to read more of her: Ungirdled Passion.

New(er) Blog Features I Love

I’ve been adding a few new features to the blog that I wanted to point out (in case fellow bloggers might like them, or in case you read through a Google reader and can’t see them).

One is “Comment Luv,” which is accessible when you leave a comment. If you have your own blog, and you check the “Comment Luv” button when you leave a comment, it will show me (and other readers) what your last post was. Fun way to let others know what you’re writing about and possibly get more traffic to your own blog.

Another is “Link Within,” which I’m sure you’ve noticed for some time. It’s the series of thumnails and links at the bottom of each post that says “You might also like. …” I love this because it reminds me of old posts that I may otherwise have forgotten. If you have your own blog, I highly recommend adding this plug-in: it’s fun and easy. (To add for your own blog, just click on the “Link Within” icon in the bottom right and it will take you to their site.) I want to add a fourth thumbnail, instead of three, to span the entire column, so I’ll probably do that this weekend.

I’ve also added “Pages” to my left sidebar, which are pretty much the same as the top nav bar, but thought I’d put them in both places. One “page” that got sort of buried a long time ago is the “About the Header” page, which explains where I got the header, why I chose it, and who helped me design it. 🙂 Continue reading

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