What I’m Reading: A Fun Blog Series

I read a LOT — for work, for my book club, for my writing career, for fun, to relax, and anytime I’m in a long line waiting for anything.

So I thought I’d start to share some of the fun pieces I constantly run across, in case you’re always looking for fun, new things to read, too.

One blogger I started reading last year is Shay Shull, who writes the Mix and Match Family blog. And she’s been writing the most fun-to-read posts over the last two weeks as she adopts a daughter from China. She outlines the process, her day-to-day activities there as she and her husband wait for their new daughter, and how she’s keeping her two older kids entertained. Here’s where the series starts: China, Days 1-3.

Then there’s: China Day 4, China Day 5, China Day 6, Ashby, China Days 9-10, China Day 11, China Days 12-13, China Days 14-15, and that’s as far as I’ve read. (She doesn’t have forward nav on her posts, so I put all the links up there for you!)

I normally like to read Shay’s blog because she’s cute and sweet and seems like such a good mom, and her kids are adorable. Her husband is a former football player and seems like such a good dad. And she’s also the sister of one of the Bachelors — Sean, who married the girl he met on the show. So if you want more to read, you can dig back into Shay’s archives and read all about her life! (She also gives really great fashion advice.)

But the China story just seemed particularly interesting, and the process of adoption, and the good, open hearts of the parents who do that.

I loved reading it, and hope you do, too.


Hey, I Won a Prize!

Look at all this loveliness that came for me in the mail today:

I was the randomly selected winner in the drawing for an Amazon gift card that K.M. Jackson (or Kwana, to those of us who follow her fun blog, Kwana Writes) held on her blog the other day! She was celebrating the release of her new book, Through the Lens.

And look at all the lovely things she sent: a fun leopard-print scarf, a very Hollywood-vintage bling-y frame, a beautiful card, and — of course — the Amazon gift card and some exciting promo items for her new book! I was so excited to open this package!

Kwana’s a class act.

I “met” Kwana through the blogosphere a few years ago, and we just seemed to have so many things in common — both sending kids to college the same year, both trying to find time to write our books, both grew up in the ’80s, both in happy 20+-year marriages, both love art and decorating, both struggling with all the things you struggle with when you’re a busy mom. … It’s been a joy to watch her career blossom and watch her get her books done!

(And I hope to be right behind her!)

Just thought I’d share such a lovely package, and such a lovely lady.

The Firebirds Are Landing!

It’s three days before RWA Nationals starts, and Firebirds are landing in OC!

“The Firebirds” is the name we chose for our class of Golden Heart finalists, the class of 2012.

There are about 60 of us in about 10 different writing categories (YA romance, Regency romance, romantic suspense, contemporary, etc.) — all different ages, all different steps of the publishing journey, all different states, and even some from different countries. (One woman is coming from Budapest, one is an ex-pat in India, at least two are coming from Australia, and at least one from Canada.)

We’ve already become close on our email loop, emailing each other every day since we finaled.

We’ve shared stories of what we said or did when we got “the call” that we’d finaled (I especially liked the story of the finalist who answered the phone naked!), where we live, who are kids are, how long we’ve been writing, and where we got the idea for our GH manuscript.

We’ve written every day about agents we’ve talked to, editors who’ve approached us, leanings toward self-publishing, and fears of giving pitches in person. …  Continue reading

A Funny For You…

I haven’t mentioned my funny blogger friend Tracy Kunzler in awhile, have I? She’s still cracking me up with her posts that she writes for us at Health Bistro.

Here’s the last one she did, filled with her cleverly conjured horror-movie ads for people we all know and (… ahem…) still love…

A sampling:

SEE: Food & lingerie catalogs mysteriously vanish!
HEAR: The cracking voice change and squeak!
SMELL: Body odor and things too horrid to mention!
Run for the Lysol, it’s the…

You wake up, it’s there.  You make a call, it’s there.
You go to the market, it follows you.
It sticks to you like a horrible rash.
There’s no escaping the…
He’s cute and he’s sweet, but he sure can put the “hell” in helpful!

Read the rest here! (There’s the “Man Who Refuses To Call a Professional Contractor,” “The Newly Successful Dieter,” “The Guilt-Inducing Mother” and more…) And if you like them, be sure to leave her a comment over at Health Bistro!

Here’s Tracy’s own blog: Ungirdled Passion. Swing by and say hi!

Happy Friday! And a Facebook Funny for You…

I just want to give a little shout-out to the always-funny Tracy Kunzler today, who does humorous posts for me one Friday a month over at Health Bistro.

Today, she had a hilarious post about “tagging” photos on Facebook, and those mistakes we see our teens (and their friends) making:

Girls, I know it’s hard to believe now, but there may come a day when you’re not as proud of posing with your tongue out as though you’re about to lick your girlfriend as you are today. I know, I know. It’s such a great look, but learn from someone older (OK, much older) that your tastes will change.

Here’s the whole post: Facebook Photos — Forget TMI; These Days There Can Be TMP.  Go check her out and say hi!

And here’s Tracy’s own blog if you want to read more of her: Ungirdled Passion.

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