Beta Reads!

So I’ve just sent out the new book for beta reads!

But, er … only half the book.

I have the best beta readers. Many have been with me since the very first manuscript, and they’ve meant the world to me with their support and encouragement. They give such thoughtful feedback, and make great corrections and suggestions.

And now they’re rising to the occasion again and indulging my newest request: to please read the book at only the halfway point!

Eeek. I hate giving anyone a manuscript that has no ending, but I realized I wasn’t going to have time to respond to beta suggestions if I wait until the book is done. If I’m lucky, I’ll have three weeks between finishing the book and turning it in to my publisher, so obviously I can’t send it out for five to ten beta reads and give them enough time to read it, then have time to respond to their comments or suggestions.

So they’re being kind enough to read at the halfway point and help me make sure I’m on the right track.

(And, of course, I’ll be thanking them all profusely in the acknowledgements!)

I love my beta readers!

Crazy Days …

Life’s become kind of a crazy string of days wherein I’m trying to: write 4,000 words a week; write little snippets for a new author website; arrange for an author photo; write letters to famous authors requesting cover blurbs; set up a newsletter; order dear daughter’s senior pictures; order DD’s graduation announcements (yes, this early!); clean the house; do the bills; decorate for Halloween; plan dear son’s birthday; do laundry for four; prepare dinner for four every weeknight; plan a trip to NYC; send a Halloween care package for college boy; set up files for new book stuff coming in; keep up with my three blogs; co-run a book club; drive dear son and dear daughter to various high school things; work my full-time job; and say hi to my family once in awhile. …

I’ll come up for air pretty soon!

Road Trip! Day 6 — Glacier National Park


This gallery contains 27 photos.

Now that the national parks have reopened and I’ve been able to dry my tears and resume sleeping at night, I can more comfortably post about our visit to Glacier National Park last month … What can I say about gorgeous … Continue reading

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