OMG! I’m a Finalist in the Golden Heart!

Holy cow, what a shock to get a call early this morning to find out that I’m a finalist in RWA’s Golden Heart® contest!!!!
I think I squealed, and jumped around on the couch a little, and directed Superman (who happened to be home, on his first day of vacation) to the word “Finalist!” I’d scribbled on a piece of paper. And then I grabbed this fortune-cookie paper off the ottoman tray and handed it to him while I was listening to the rest of the phone call. We’d read the fortune together last night. It said “Your hidden creative talents will soon be revealed.”
I asked a few questions on the phone, hung up in shock, and then hugged Superman and floated around on Cloud Nine a little.
I then emailed my critique partner Patti. She had to be the first to know. Continue reading

Writing Kids …

Ricky for KBGA Radio

All my kids are writing these days, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Rene has tiptoed into the realm of fiction with a great short story and some beautiful poetry. (She uses “beats” so naturally, and her sentences have gorgeous variety.) Nate just wrote a really funny, clever “commercial” that he had to film in his class — he took on the whole writing aspect for his entire group, plus did the reading as the narrator, and was thrilled to get applause from his fellow seventh graders! And Ricky’s been sending me his articles for his journalism classes, and they’re terrific. (Great, natural use of quotes, as well as lyrical sentences.) Ricky’s also been reading news and sports on his college radio station, so I get to tune in every-other Tuesday and hear his articles live and hear him banter the news. (So fun!)

The trick was — all these years — I couldn’t ever actually suggest they get into writing of any kind. (Because then it would’ve been a rebellious kind of Mommmm, no!) And I still have to bite my tongue all the time and try not to suggest it too much.

But when they discover it on their own … then … yes!!! … they get to experience the magic I always did.

Have you ever wanted to push your kids into talents or professions, but simply had to control yourself?

Taking a Writing Class

Well, it’s Sunday night and I’m working on … homework.

Yep, it’s for another writing class I’m taking this month from Laurie Schnebly Campbell.

It’s an online class, where we participate through Yahoo groups. We read the lecture and do our “homework” within a pretty wide window — at least 36 hours — so it’s very flexible for working folk like me. (And I can catch up a little on the weekends.)

This one’s called “Plotting Via Motivation.” I took it to learn new ways to plot a little quicker and in a slightly more organized fashion than I currently do.

I’ve taken other classes from Laurie Schnebly Campbell — a great one on using enneagrams to build characters (she wrote a book about them) and one on writing query letters. She’s an excellent teacher. She gives personal feedback each time you turn in your homework, making you feel as though — even in a class of more than 100 — she’s helping you out specifically. And she’s funny and positive. I always learn a lot.

I also found out that one of my romance-writing idols, Jenny Crusie, is planning to offer writing classes. Hers will be presented with award-winning romance writer Anne Stuart and will be called The Writewell Academy. So far they’re planning on making them only $10 each, but they are only lectures, no feedback.


Do you take online classes for writing or other hobbies or skills? (I also love paper-crafting classes!)

Sunday Morning Weigh-In: March 18

Well, not so good this week. I’m up two pounds already!

But honestly, it’s what I expected. I was doing a lot of big-dinner-cooking at home this week, and I knew I was slipping into comfort foods. For some reason, bread was sounding really good to me all week, so I was falling into my old bad habits of too many breads/breaded items/other carbs. … so it actually could have been much worse! 

Off we go into another week!

Here’s to heavy on the vegetables, light on the carbs! 🙂

More Debbie D. Tables — Christmas Brunch

Since I was talking about Debbie D’s beautiful tables the other day, I thought I’d find a couple more.

(Unfortunately, at her events, I always seem to be without my camera, or without my SD card, or without a workable battery … sheesh. So I asked some other book club friends if they had any pictures. …)

Here are some from book club friend Barbara, of our last Christmas brunch:  Continue reading

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