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Ricky for KBGA Radio

All my kids are writing these days, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Rene has tiptoed into the realm of fiction with a great short story and some beautiful poetry. (She uses “beats” so naturally, and her sentences have gorgeous variety.) Nate just wrote a really funny, clever “commercial” that he had to film in his class — he took on the whole writing aspect for his entire group, plus did the reading as the narrator, and was thrilled to get applause from his fellow seventh graders! And Ricky’s been sending me his articles for his journalism classes, and they’re terrific. (Great, natural use of quotes, as well as lyrical sentences.) Ricky’s also been reading news and sports on his college radio station, so I get to tune in every-other Tuesday and hear his articles live and hear him banter the news. (So fun!)

The trick was — all these years — I couldn’t ever actually suggest they get into writing of any kind. (Because then it would’ve been a rebellious kind of Mommmm, no!) And I still have to bite my tongue all the time and try not to suggest it too much.

But when they discover it on their own … then … yes!!! … they get to experience the magic I always did.

Have you ever wanted to push your kids into talents or professions, but simply had to control yourself?

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6 thoughts on “Writing Kids …

  1. It is really exciting to see that the grandkids are that interested in writing, and doing something about it.
    It is something that has always interested me, though I have not done anything about it. I used to do trip reports and activity reports when I was working and would always get “gigged” for being too wordy.
    But lately, I have given a lot of thought about writing a book about my genealogy research. In the course of doing the research/investigations, I found out a lot about the times the ancestors lived through, the wars they were in, the accomplishments that came from their efforts and in some ways the history of how our country and the countries they lived in developed.
    Jan has been urging me to start the project. It does seem a little daunting, but then again, it is the story the many families that make up me and thus my kids and their kids. There are also some stories of how I actually met some of my ancestors in my dreams and then I find links to those very same people in subsequent research. The emotions and the feelings of the “find”.
    Starting to ramble here, so to end it, I’ll say that for the moment you and the grandkids have given me a push in that direction.

  2. That is awesome! I used to get such a thrill watching my son on tv doing the schools morning news and sports casting. With Ricky being so far away, I imagine it is even more exciting to at least be able to hear him…and his work! You must be a proud momma with all your kids following your passion!

  3. Johnny — YES! I will email some to you! 🙂

    That’s exciting that you’re thinking of your own project. Like Jan, I urge you to go for it!

    I sympathize with you completely that it does seem daunting — especially your project, because it comes with tons and tons of research material. The good news is that it’s all up to you to do as much or as little, in any way you like! I think the first two things you need to decide are:

    1. Do you want to write fiction or nonfiction? (Because you could say what you want to say in a fictional way, through stories with fictional characters, but set in the true historical period. Or you could simply explain it in a straightforward way in a textbook style, and only tell stories that are 100% true.) To decide on this one, most people would encourage you to “write what you love to read”…

    2. Do you plan to publish this with the end result of earning income, or do you simply think of it as a project of the heart (and any resulting income would be accidental)? The answer to that question will help you determine the format, style, etc. of what you write. Because if you’re writing for the market, you must follow the market’s rules. But if you’re writing the story of your heart, where the simple task of writing is reward within itself, then you get to set your own rules! 🙂

  4. Debi — Did Kirk do school news and sportscasting, too? So cool! And yes, I’m proud of them! Mostly because I see their talent so clearly, but they don’t believe me when I say they’re talented (because I’m their mom). So I’m thrilled when they hear it from “outsiders” (teachers, mainly, who have no reason to flatter them) and they finally believe it!

  5. You must be beside-yourself-thrilled, Laurie! Your example (both as a writer who enjoys her work and a lover of books) rather than pushing has been the ideal approach, apparently, to foster your kids in a great direction. When reading, an appreciation for writing, open communication, creativity and ideas are honored in a household, it makes perfect sense that your children see writing as a natural option. Bravo to you and C!

    I wanted to share my love of travel with my nephew, because he seemed to have an interest, so I took him on a few of trips and hope to do this whenever and as long as I’m able. : ) I love watching his interest in languages, and he’s pursued that on his own. (Several years of Spanish in school, a little Rosettastone French, and one that he made up when he was little. I was so impressed.) I hope this interest becomes a life-long habit. Could open up door career-wise, and what a great tool for a traveler.

    He’s so smart, and I was hoping he’d become a reader. (He won a writing award in elementary school, and needless to say I was beaming. He has a bit of a creative streak that comes out at times.) Not his thing at the moment, but I’m still hoping some day he’ll read a book that just knocks him out and makes him want to read more, making reading a lifelong pleasure and resource. He’s reading some Zombie Survival handbook right now, so, plotting away, I thought I might slip him my copy of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Would that make me a bad Auntie? Please weigh in on that one, ha! I welcome any thoughts…

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