The Crazy Holidays of 2013

I hope everyone’s having a lovely holiday season! I sure am. It’s not documented very well – since my computer crashed for awhile and my camera’s been giving me grief – but it’s truly been a wonderful (albeit kind of crazy) December!

I’ve managed to have a lot of fun visiting friends and family on the weekends, even though I’m also being strict with myself on my 4,000 words a week (which rose to 5,600 words a week when I let some November weekends slip by! Eek!). But I tend to write in the mornings and into the afternoons (just past lunch), then spend the late afternoons and evenings doing some running around and visiting with family and friends.

Of course, Ricky’s home, so we’ve hit quite a few of our favorite restaurants already with him and are filling him up with decent food. (He’s also thawing out, as he left negative-six-degree weather for 78-degree-weather.) We also did a “Family Movie Night” and all five of us managed to coordinate a night together and saw “Inside Llewelyn Davis” at the University Center.

I had a great book club party with my book club friends … And also a fun “Sushi and Tamales and Italian Food” Christmas gathering with my sis-in-law and Chris’ family. Then another fun “Mexican Food Plus a Lasagna” Christmas gathering with my other sis-in-law and my side of the family. (As you can see, we can never agree on our fave kinds of foods, so we tend to just do it all!)

My work party was a “construction party” (complete with construction party hats) in the new glass-walled building in the heart of OC, with a very amazing view of the sunset, where our company will be moving this year.

So it’s been fun!

The thing that’s fallen by the wayside is my Christmas shopping and wrapping – my gifts were not very creative this year and barely wrapped. (Yes, I believe there will be a few bows on shopping bags under the tree this year, and one cardboard box with cellophane trying to serve as a “basket” – why do you ask?)

But it’s all good!

Hope you and yours have a very happy holidays, too!

And fill me in on your favorite crazy shortcut or mish-mash celebration – I’d love to hear that I’m not alone! : )

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3 thoughts on “The Crazy Holidays of 2013

  1. I’m glad you had a great holiday! It does sound a bit crazy so I bet you are glad it is over. Mine was very busy also. I seemed to have a few more parties and birthdays this year, but it was very fun. It was the first one without John, so it was a little different, but still nice (he went to PA to see his mom). I had a lot of family time with the kids and I liked that a lot. I still can’t believe it is all over – what a quick year this was!
    Btw, what was in the box with cellophane??

  2. Thanks, Debi! Wow, yours sounds busy and fast also. And I totally agree — what a quick year it was!

    The cardboard box actually morphed into a decent box on Christmas Eve at about 3:30 p.m., when I braved my local Target and ventured in among all the last-minute shoppers (like me!). I found an organizing box that my mom could use because she’s redoing her kitchen and family room this year. And it was simple but nice. So I bought that, and what went into the cellophane-wrapped box were BOOKS! I bought several of the Firebirds’ books for her, and had some of my Firebird friends send her cards and such autographed to her. Some sent bags and other cute things. It turned out to be a GREAT gift and should keep her busy reading well into the new year! 🙂

  3. This is fun !!!! At least now I can stay in touch with all your current “goings on”. I’m just not adventurous about Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc. I still prefer that old thing………oh……the telephone.!!! I’m trying though. Mom

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