13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: California Landmarks 2

  1. Awesome picture. It looks a bridge girder or some kind of bridge doohickey. But I have no idea otherwise!

  2. I think it might be the Golden Gate Bridge? But there’s not much to go on…

  3. Ah, you guys are smart cookies! Yes, Golden Gate bridge in San Fran. Hubby took this one. We all started to walk across, but our middle child has a fear of heights (or “lows”?) that makes her knees buckle when she sees stuff like this, so hubby and youngest son set off by themselves to walk the bridge. They got lots of interesting angles, but I love this shot — straight up. (Not an angle a lot of people get to see!) I love that it emphasizes the architectural “art” of this bridge. Bridge workmanship is amazing.

  4. Oh, @nanna95 and @kansaswriter both also guessed correctly on Twitter!!

    (Gosh, and I thought I was tricking you guys.)

    Okay, next Wordless Wednesday I have another one. … not man-made.

  5. That is the Golden Gate Bridge. What a great pic big bro took! I need to get my hands on that pic. It is dying to be blown up and framed in my house.

  6. Hi, Barbara!

    And yes, “The Bubbynator,” your big bro did take a good shot here. And he wants to frame this one, also. Must run in your fam … : ) (We’ll make you one, too.)

  7. Thank you for the nice words! I too really love this picture. I , of course, am no artist but I do love taking a look at familiar and everyday things from a different angle. Gives you a new and fresh appreciation for it. Plus this bridge is a beautiful work of art and can never look bad; even invisible in the fog it’s beautiful!!!!

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