Wordless Wednesday: California Landmarks 3

"California Landmark 3"

"California Landmark 3" -- photo by L. Sanchez, 2006

Know where this is? California natives will probably know this one …

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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: California Landmarks 3

  1. Hi, Colleen! Hi, Lauri!

    Yes, Lauri, you have the right area — Monterey, and north of Big Sur — but Colleen got it right on the nose. It’s the Lone Cypress at Pebble Beach. Gorgeous, gorgeous, from every angle. (Hard to get a bad picture of it!) The tree has been there for 250 years, I hear, and serves as the logo for the Pebble Beach Co. (golf course), so you see it all over. It’s also somewhat of a symbol for Monterey, and is seen on charm bracelets, sweatshirts, etc. (I bought an Italian charm with the tree on it.)

    Very pretty. If you’re ever in No. Cal, the 17-mile Drive is a must! This will be one of the later landmarks on that drive.

  2. Chris — And the pines/cypress/etc.!!! I remember we were so impressed with the idea that such “mountain-type” trees could be so near the ocean. Not a combination we see in Southern Cal at all! Just beautiful. …

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