7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: California Landmarks 5

  1. Oh I know it, i know it. I promised I wouldn’t say if I guessed it. Damn!

  2. Okay – I have no idea! And I thought by now somebody would have posted the answer… It’s bugging me…. I guess I will have to just sit back, relax and wait. And, of course, Superman knows and can’t tell us… Oh, man!

  3. Good job, Grace! Yes, you have an advantage — you probably eat ice cream with the kids right underneath that sign all the time!

    And, I must say, one person got it on Twitter — @zaqdapoet said, “judging by the trees and look of the air I’d say somewhere in Laguna?”

    And Dana Lucas guessed it right on the nose (like Grace, with the street names) on Facebook, but I reposted the question right after so people would put their answers here on the blog, and her comment went with it! But good job, Dana!

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