Hollywood Tour (Part 2)

Okay, if you already went on the first part of our Hollywood tour, here’s the second:

Chris and Nate went to Barney’s Beanery, where Doors singer Jim Morrison used to hang out, and where Janis Joplin spent her last night alive. Nate doesn’t really know who Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin are, but Chris was awed. Nate was more interested in the delicious burgers and chili-cheese fries:

They drove through the Hollywood Hills and looked at the cliffside houses; then of course went to the Hollywood sign. Chris found a secret drive that led them rather close to it – the closest he thought you could get:

The diner in their hotel was the diner where the last scene of Swingers was filmed with Vince Vaughn. They ate at the counter, ‘cause that’s what guys do (I’ve been informed):

They went to the Guinness Book of World Records museum and checked out the tallest man, the smallest woman and other strange facts. Nate loved that. He loves weird facts:

They drove by L.A. Ink, where Kat Von D and her group are inking up new customers daily (luckily my guys didn’t stop for tattoos! In fact, I tried to upload Nathan’s picture that he took out the car window as they were flying by, but it wouldn’t upload. So just imagine that one!)

They ended the trip with a visit to LAX, where they found a cool little spot on a grassy island where they could watch the planes fly overhead. Nate LOVED this. Chris said he was laughing the whole time because the planes fly very LOW and it’s kind of a weird feeling to be lying underneath them:

They had a great time! Chris said he felt like HE was 10 years old again – which (in his words) isn’t a long trip:

Have you ever been to Hollywood? I realize your experiences may be quite different than a 10-year-old’s! 🙂 — So what’s your favorite thing to visit there?

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3 thoughts on “Hollywood Tour (Part 2)

  1. How fun! Nate got a trip to Hollywood for his 10th!

    I love Barney’s Beanery. Their chili burgers are perfect in every way.

    When I’m in Hollywood, I like to gripe about how much I hate LA, how it’s choked in traffic, how there’s no efficient method of mass transit, and how the people are jerks. Still, I keep coming back. I think it’s the restaurants and bars that keep me loyal.

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  3. I’m the same way, Nicole! I don’t have a lot of love lost for Los Angeles, but when I’m there, I sometimes think, “Oh yeah … THIS was pretty cool!” I don’t miss the impossible parking and unfriendly people, but I do miss a few weird things, like this cool Maypole that used to go up on Sunset, the old cemetery that was actually very pretty and architectural, the performances at Royce Hall, the quirky shops in Westwood, the OLD theaters off Wilshire, and yes — Barney’s Beanery! (And the Troubadour.) There are some pretty cool things. We were shocked that Nathan even picked it to go there, but I guess he just wanted to see all the stuff he hears about — especially since it’s only an hour-and-a-half away!

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