Wordless Wednesday: California Landmarks 6

Can you guess where this is? 🙂

A California Classic - Photo by C. Sanchez, 2010

Okay, that one’s too easy! (But isn’t it a great photo? Chris took it!) And this particular landmark is under a deal of controversy today, since conservation groups failed to make up the money needed to save this land (and the sign), so the land is up for grabs now for developers who might want to build a hotel there. (The drama continues. …)

You can also play with the other California landmarks I’ve posted (just guess before looking at the comments!). Here they are in case you want to goof off today:

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2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: California Landmarks 6

  1. Hey, this is the only Wordless Wednesday photo I’ve guessed right – hehe… Yes, I’m a California girl, but stink at the landmarks…. Have a great day, Mizwrite!

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