Hollywood Ending for the Hollywood Sign

The other day, I posted a photo of the Hollywood sign for Wordless Wednesday — a shot that Superman took when he and our youngest went on their traditional 10-year-old trip.

I mentioned in the Wordless Wednesday post that the Hollywood sign was embroiled in a huge drama of its own: its very existence was on the line, as some developers wanted to buy the land to put a hotel on it, but a conservation group was frantically trying to raise $12.5 million to buy the land themselves and save the sign.

In case you wanted to know how that story ended, the drama continued as the clock began ticking and the conservation group didn’t seem like it was going to meet its goal. It really didn’t look like the sign was going to be saved. … (ah! Black moment!)

But, alas! A Hollywood ending! Hugh Hefner, of all people, stepped in and made up the difference at the end to buy the land.

And things got even more Hollywood-esqe for the Hollywood sign as our actor-and-current-governor, Arnold Swartzenegger, praised the conservation group and said the sign will welcome “dreamers, artists and Austrian bodybuilders for generations to come.”

(I love a happy ending. …)

Here’s the MSN story if you want to read a better rendition than mine. 🙂  — Hefner Seals the Deal for Hollywood sign.

Glad Nate will get to enjoy it beyond his 10-year-old trip:

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6 thoughts on “Hollywood Ending for the Hollywood Sign

  1. Wow, that is good news – I can’t believe there even was a debate about getting rid of that sign. Hollywood just wouldn’t be the same without it. I guess it is nice having an actor for a governor!

  2. That does sound like a Hollywood movie. And just when the clock ticks down to the final minutes, from behind the curtain steps… Hugh Hefner. Of course he would save the day. And then the quote from Arnold about Austrian bodybuilders. Oh the drama.

    The things I miss about LA. Thanks for the reminder Laurie.
    .-= Jen Johns´s last blog ..Show Me What I’m Looking For =-.

  3. Hi, Debi and Jen (both of you are former Southern Californians, coincidentally)! Yes, they’ll probably make a movie of this classic saving-the-symbol-of-movies now, huh? Classic stuff.

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