Pioneer Woman Recipes!

So Superman’s been making Pioneer Woman recipes!

I’m a huge fan of The Pioneer Woman, and all her recipes look so delicious. I send them to him by email sometimes and say “Let’s try this one!” so he finally jumped on it last week and started one.

He started with her Flatbread Mexican Pizzas, even rolling out dough with a rolling pin and flour, which I’m pretty sure Superman has never done before in his life:

Then there was the chopping of the onions and cilantro, which he does all the time:

But I noticed something different about men cooking in the kitchen. For one, the TV is always on, and it looks like this: 

Yep, that’s right. NFL football in the background the whole time. … I don’t think I’ve ever put NFL football on in the kitchen in my life.

The other thing is that men look much better in their blue jeans in the kitchen:

 Ahem. …

So anyway, I set the table. I like using my favorite accessories, like wine:

 A few aromatic minutes later, here was the finished product:

He scooped each one off the baking stone and we put our own lettuce, tomato, cilantro, and onions on at the table. I took the above picture right off the baking stone — it’s the last little Mexican flatbread pizza left, because all the others were already being devoured by the family, and my kids were saying “hurry up and come eat!” So I put my camera down and went and joined them. …

Next up? Pioneer Woman’s Beef with Snow Pea Stir Fry. …

… Gulp …

Alright, I hate to do this yet again, but I don’t have my next “How I Met” installment done.

I could give you all my excuses — like my cold’s been raging again, I had a busy work week,  I’m distracted with Oregon applications and scholarships, my “How I Met” file disappeared temporarily, and other things going on (which are all true). But — fact is — Part 16 is just not ready yet.

And this is an important one. (Not one I can “phone in,” if you know what I mean. Or write under the influence of very strong nighttime cold medicine. …)

I also realize I told part of this out of order, but I don’t think it will matter. I mean, it’s not like I’m telling this under oath or anything, but seeing it flip-flopped now sort of bugs me.

Also, Chris and I remember the next part (Part 16) a little differently, which is interesting. But it was fun talking about it with him and getting his own recollection. Continue reading

The 2011 Book Club List

Whoo-hoo! Our 2011 book club list is done!

Here’s what’s in store this year:

January: The Glass Castle, Jeanette Wells 
February: One Day, David Nicholls 
March: The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo 
April: Cleopatra, Stacey Schiff  
June: Wolfe Hall, Hilary Mantel 
July: Room, Emma Donoghue 
August: Little Bee, Chris Cleave 
September: Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, Day, Elie Wiesel  
October: Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million, Daniel Mendelsohn 
November: The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Mark Twain  
December: Cutting for Stone, Abraham Verghese  
January 2012: The Lacuna, Barbara Kingsolver

Have you read any of these? Tell me what I’m in store for. …

Here’s our 2010 book club list.
Here’s our 2009 book club list.
Here’s how we come up with our book club list each year.

Great Gift for Harley Riders: A Motorcycle Bell

Some call it a “gremlin bell,” “motorcycle bell” or “guardian bell,” but regardless of what you call them, these little metal bells that attach to the body of your motorcycle serve the same purpose: They’re supposed to keep your motorcycle rider safe anytime he’s on the road.

They derive from a legend — that of “Evil Road Spirits” that rise from the bumpy pavement and latch themselves to motorcycles, causing all kinds of mischief and mechanical problems. The legend goes on to say that by dangling a small bell from the bike, the Evil Road Spirits become trapped inside, and the constant ringing drives them insane. The Evil Road Spirits will “lose their grip” and fall into to the pavement.

Legend also states that a motorcycle bell has twice as much power when it’s purchased by a friend or loved one and given as a gift. (I think it might have three times as much power if purchased by a fellow motorcycle rider, but my honey will have to do with two times as much power for now!)

So, to keep Superman safe, I got him one for his birthday. I made my choice from the awesome selection at Guardian™ Bell. His says “Live to Ride” on one side and “Ride to Live” on the other. I just love it.

And now I notice the bells on other motorcycles and Harleys when we see them parked.

If you have a motorcycle rider in your life whom you love, it makes a great gift!

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