3 for Thursday: 3 Boys’ Names You Love

My coworker John is welcoming a baby boy in August, and he and his wife are still undecided on names. It’s prompted a few conversations around the office about names. Are you a fan of traditional names, like Charles, Henry or John? Or names that have meaning in your family? Or do you like trends, like “last names first” (Jackson, Harrison, Hayden) or “places” (Dallas, Vegas, Dakota)? What 3 boys’ names do you love?

Dancing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Every time “Dancing with the Stars” comes on again, I’m always a little mesmerized by the person you never guessed would be on the show. I’m impressed that Steve Wozniak poured himself into dance clothes and let himself be led across the stage every Monday night. I can’t get over the fact that Cloris Leachman wore that weird headband and no makeup and allowed the camera crew in to film her during her practice. I still can’t believe Jerry Springer was on the show, because a ballroom audience couldn’t be much further from his crowd. And Buzz Aldrin? At 80 years old? Holy Toledo. …

Yeah, I’m impressed.

This season it’s Kirsty Ally who seems to be the one who’s most uncomfortable. I find it strange that she never looks up (or even at the camera or her partner) during most of the interviews. But when the music goes on, man, she just takes off with confidence.

I’m really impressed that all these people can do something so outside their comfort zones.

Can you remember the last thing you did that was wildly outside your comfort zone? What was it?

What To Do When You Don’t Get Into the College You Want

  1. Panic.
  2. Lie awake a few nights.
  3. Panic some more.
  4. Feel shell shocked.
  5. Get angry. Your anger can be directed at life, the system, your parents, the situation, whatever you can think of. You can do that for a couple of days.
  6. Take a deep breath.
  7. Start scrambling. …

Ricky did a good job and started scrambling after about a week. He began by getting online and looking up any schools that were still taking applications, still fit his criteria, had a reasonable out-of-state tuition cost, and were interesting to him. He looked at a lot of out-of-state schools he hadn’t considered before, went through tons of web sites, read “College Prowler” late into the night, searched, studied, scrambled, searched some more. …

University of Montana

Then, ultimately, he started putting together applications to: Continue reading

Wild Ride …

We’re still in the throes of college decisions, had a big weekend of college sales pitches, still in shock over financial aid letters, car’s in the shop, etc., etc. … Having one of these weeks:

Nathan and Chris on "Pony Express" at Knott's Berry Farm, August 2009

Sometimes life’s a wild ride, right?

How’s your week going?

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