In the Home Stretch…

Okay, another busy, successful week just ended for the kids: We had Senior Awards Night in the high school gym one evening; Ricky had his senior dinner-dance cruise another evening; Nate brought home all his art projects; and the kids have had various late-starts and strange finals-taking schedules, so we’re coordinating rides around here like a well-run taxi service. There are a few more things left (graduation practice, Nate’s class going on a group field trip, Rene’s “fiesta” at school, 6th grade clap-out, 6th grade promotion, graduation, Grad Night, and a family party for Ricky — all being planned in the midst of Father’s Day and an 8-day roadtrip that I’m planning like a Lewis and Clark explorer), but then we’re done!

This is definitely the busiest spring I’ve ever had as a parent! Good thing it’s not always like this.

But — who knows — I’ll probably look back on it and think it’s shame it’s not always like this. …

Editor-Tip Tuesday: Complement vs. Compliment

Have I mentioned that I’m an editor for a living? I thought I’d share a few editing tips from time to time. They’ll just be quick, simple hits – things you can commit to memory if you want, or things you can just throw out the window if you prefer.

Here’s one that seems to slip by a lot of people:


These have different meanings.

Complement (with an “e”) has a connotation of completing (I remember this one as “compleeeeeting” so I’ll spell it with an “e”):

  • The throw pillows complement the living room.
  • His tie complements his suit.
  • The husband and wife have complementary careers.

 Compliment (with an “i”) denotes praise, and always comes from a human being:

  • She was flattered by Jim’s compliment.
  • Someone complimented him on his tie.

 The one that means “free” is also the “i”: Throw in some complimentary tickets and I’ll be there!

Happy Tuesday!

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