3 for Thursday: 3 Boys’ Names You Love

My coworker John is welcoming a baby boy in August, and he and his wife are still undecided on names. It’s prompted a few conversations around the office about names. Are you a fan of traditional names, like Charles, Henry or John? Or names that have meaning in your family? Or do you like trends, like “last names first” (Jackson, Harrison, Hayden) or “places” (Dallas, Vegas, Dakota)? What 3 boys’ names do you love?

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3 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Boys’ Names You Love

  1. Oh, I love names!
    1. Niko
    2. Giovanni
    3. Levi
    All three of these names are very, very special to me and the little boys who have these names are my favorite little guys of all time!

  2. Growing up with one of the most common names of my generation, I wanted a name that couldn’t be shortened, wasn’t common, but also wasn’t weird- I wanted at least a chance to find it on those famous “name” key chain racks! I only had one boy, so of course his is my favorite!
    1 – Kirk
    2 – Chad
    3 – Brent

  3. These are great! Isn’t it funny that we gravitate to names that all sound alike? All of M.’s favorites sound very similar (with that ending-in-a-vowel thing) and all of Debi’s have that single-syllable, manly sound! I tend to like boys names that end in “N.”

    Did you guys see that the Top 2010 baby names list just came out? It’s here: http://lifestyle.msn.com/your-life/family-parenting/article.aspx?cp-documentid=28628932&GT1=32060 One name that they said moved up the ranks (although it’s not in the top 10 yet) was “Knox”! I’ve never heard that one!

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