On Submission!

Well, I’ve wanted to say this for a looooooooong time, but I’m finally “out on submission,” which means my agent is shopping my book out to publishers.

I can hardly believe it!

Of course, this can take a very long time (and there’s probably another huge string of rejections I’ll have to get used to — this time coming from publishers instead of agents), but I’m still very, very excited.

Now … on to write the next book! 🙂

Twitter Humor: FirstDraftMovies

Sometimes Twitter does hilarious hashtag memes, like 3drunkwords, 3wordsaftersex, etc., and they’re always good for a long laugh on slow afternoons. One of the ones that cracked me up awhile ago was firstdraftmovies, in which fictional “first drafts” were shown of famous movie lines. Here were some of my faves:

  • “The first rule of Fight Club is all registrants must pay $20 and receive a membership card before they can fight.” @stephanbugaj
  • “Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to make me a sandwich?” @HanksStorm
  • “Play it, Sam. Play ‘Stairway to Heaven’ ” @riadams1
  • “Rule number one is: Don’t talk about Book Club.” @keithlaw
  • “Hey, I’m James Bond!” @JoshHolliday
  • “You had me at ‘I’m drunk and vulnerable’.” @eric_dolan
  • “Bloomfield. James Bloomfield” (sorry, didn’t get writer on that one!)
  • “I’m fairly disgruntled and I don’t think I’m going to put up with it anymore.” @powermond
  • “Nobody puts Shaniqua’ in the corner!” @Aarisa

Have a great Friday!

Catching Some Air …

I get a kick out of these pictures. My Nate, practicing his ollies and kickflips and airs. … (I think all of these are “ollies” — where you spin the board 360 degrees beneath your feet and then land back on top of it.)

Go get ’em, kid. …

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