The Diet Coke Marriage

I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons my husband and I have been married so long is because of Diet Coke.

Not for the usual things – not the caffeine, or the bubbles, or the zero calories, or even the fact that it’s always cheap and available.

But for the fact of how it’s served in our house. …

Superman and I are both addicted to Diet Coke. We’ve been drinking it like fiends since we were teenagers. The caffeine rush in the morning has always been my caffeine rush of choice (I never acquired a taste for coffee); and drinking it in the afternoon has become simply habit. We’re so terrible about it that we actually make plans ahead of time for how we’re going to have Diet Coke on vacation, to avoid our caffeine headache – Will there be a refrigerator? Will there be a vending machine close by? Who will go get it? Should we bring our own as we travel, or buy it there?

(I’m telling you, people, it’s bad. …) Continue reading


Wow, I’m getting flakier and flakier on this blog, aren’t I?

(And I just want you all to know that I had to look up the word “flakey” to see if I spelled it correctly. [I did.] Or if it’s even a word. [It is.] And also that I had to look up the word “loveliness” from my post the other day to see if I spelled it right. [I did.] Because it looked so weird to me when I saw it published. This is the silly, kind of insecure stuff that goes on in an editor’s head. … But it’s all good. It pushes out all the other silly, insecure thoughts I could be having, right? Anyway. …)

Back to this week, this day:

I’ve actually been writing a lot, just not here. I did a post on why you should drop everything for family dinners (in my humble opinion) over at Health Bistro, and then another one on Jamie Oliver’s new show “Food Revolution” and why I’m so excited about it. (Does anyone know about this show? Looks like it might be really fun.)

I’ve also been writing an article about Sandra Lee (Easter decorating ideas).

Meanwhile, on the weekends, I’ve been writing fiction like crazy, and I think that’s what’s taking the time of the blog writing. In fact, I’m thinking I’d really love to put some fiction on the blog, I just can’t decide what, or when. …

How are your days rolling along this week?

Eichler Homes: Loveliness in Walls of Glass

So awhile back, I said I was going to write in more detail about some of my favorite houses, since I’m quite smitten with homes for some reason.

One of the really cool ones I’ve had the pleasure of entering is Bookclub Lauran’s house, which is an original Eichler home.  It’s everything “midcentury” that Superman loves and everything “outdoors-in” that I love – we might have to try to move to an Eichler neighborhood someday. (That’s going to be us, in that picture above … once I, er,  lose 50 pounds and die my hair brown. …)

Joseph Eichler was a homebuilder in the 1950s and 1960s. He was not a designer, but a builder (much like William Lyon of today), but was the first of his kind, creating entire tracts of homes in a new industry called “merchant building” to meet the housing rush brought on by postwar need.

Eichler built throughout the country, but focused most of his communities in California, where he built more than 11,000 homes, both in Northern California (San Francisco, Marin County, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, etc.) and in Southern California (Orange, Thousand Oaks, and Granada Hills). Continue reading

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