Wow, I’m getting flakier and flakier on this blog, aren’t I?

(And I just want you all to know that I had to look up the word “flakey” to see if I spelled it correctly. [I did.] Or if it’s even a word. [It is.] And also that I had to look up the word “loveliness” from my post the other day to see if I spelled it right. [I did.] Because it looked so weird to me when I saw it published. This is the silly, kind of insecure stuff that goes on in an editor’s head. … But it’s all good. It pushes out all the other silly, insecure thoughts I could be having, right? Anyway. …)

Back to this week, this day:

I’ve actually been writing a lot, just not here. I did a post on why you should drop everything for family dinners (in my humble opinion) over at Health Bistro, and then another one on Jamie Oliver’s new show “Food Revolution” and why I’m so excited about it. (Does anyone know about this show? Looks like it might be really fun.)

I’ve also been writing an article about Sandra Lee (Easter decorating ideas).

Meanwhile, on the weekends, I’ve been writing fiction like crazy, and I think that’s what’s taking the time of the blog writing. In fact, I’m thinking I’d really love to put some fiction on the blog, I just can’t decide what, or when. …

How are your days rolling along this week?

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3 thoughts on “Flakey

  1. I watched the “Food Revolution” this past week and I thought it was ok. I was really excited when I had seen the previews, but after watching it, I don’t think it will catch on. I think the family that he was helping may try to change, but as far as the school districts – they are gonna stay with quick and easy. My mom is a lunch lady at our high school in town and see has seen many changes that she doesn’t like – but it is always for the faster and quicker ideas. It would be nice if this show could start a change throughout the country and our school districts, but I don’t think it will work, unfortunately. The show reminded me of an “Extreme Home Makeover” for food.

  2. Hi, Debi! Okay, I did see the show Friday night! I really enjoyed it. I knew they were going to give Jamie Oliver a hard time, and they sure did! Gosh. But I really liked watching the show. I think, combined with Michelle Obama’s plans (and she’s planning on pumping some money into the Child Nutrition Act), I think small changes can be made. However, kids have to WANT healthier food, and that’s the challenging part! Poor Jamie Oliver. I felt sorry for him for the whole show.

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