Wow, I’m getting flakier and flakier on this blog, aren’t I?

(And I just want you all to know that I had to look up the word “flakey” to see if I spelled it correctly. [I did.] Or if it’s even a word. [It is.] And also that I had to look up the word “loveliness” from my post the other day to see if I spelled it right. [I did.] Because it looked so weird to me when I saw it published. This is the silly, kind of insecure stuff that goes on in an editor’s head. … But it’s all good. It pushes out all the other silly, insecure thoughts I could be having, right? Anyway. …)

Back to this week, this day:

I’ve actually been writing a lot, just not here. I did a post on why you should drop everything for family dinners (in my humble opinion) over at Health Bistro, and then another one on Jamie Oliver’s new show “Food Revolution” and why I’m so excited about it. (Does anyone know about this show? Looks like it might be really fun.)

I’ve also been writing an article about Sandra Lee (Easter decorating ideas).

Meanwhile, on the weekends, I’ve been writing fiction like crazy, and I think that’s what’s taking the time of the blog writing. In fact, I’m thinking I’d really love to put some fiction on the blog, I just can’t decide what, or when. …

How are your days rolling along this week?

Where Else I’m Writing These Days

It’s been a busy couple weeks of writing. Can I just point you around to some articles and things I’ve written elsewhere? I promise I’ll be recharged and back here again soon. …

On Monday, my article about Denise Austin published at Lifescript: 12 Minutes to a Better Body. She was very nice and a really fun interview. Of course, the whole time I was interviewing her I was looking at her picture on the cover of her book and saying to myself, My Lord, she’s 52 years old???? It made me feel really, really bad for looking so out of shape when I’m a full 10 years younger than her. I mean, it’s easy to ignore that kind of feeling when you’re interviewing a 20-something fit queen, because you think, “Well, sheesh, she’s 23! Of course she looks great!” But when the maven is 52, and manages to look like that, and is a mother of teens, and a working mother at that, well … Let’s just say I’m reading her 12-minute workout book cover to cover now!

Then Friday, my article about Eric S. Lee published at Lifescript: 5 Seductive Recipes for Couples. This one had a lot of great working titles, like “Steam in the Kitchen” and “Seduction in the Kitchen” — you get the idea!  Continue reading

Haiti — Still Can’t Grasp the Devastation

Wow, an aftershock of 6.1 this morning in Haiti? That’s considered a major earthquake to most of us used to those Richter numbers. And I was reading that, even before the aftershock, infection and amputations had become the focus. Amputations? Good Lord. And so many. … And for so many children. It all just breaks my heart.

One of my Lifescript friends on Twitter, Dr. Beckerman, forwarded this article about a residency colleague of his, Dr. Louise Ivers, who happened to be in Port-Au-Prince at the time of the earthquake. It details her experiences of both the earthquake and the aftermath — a really fascinating read.

Meanwhile, my colleague Laura was telling me about a U.S. friend of hers who was in the middle of adopting a little girl from Haiti. The paperwork was just stretching out forever and ever … and then the quake hit. She said her friend could hardly get word whether the orphanage was toppled or not. The latest she heard was that the 82nd Airborne was going in to try to secure the orphanage. Schools, hospitals, orphanages. … So many to worry about.

I wrote an article last Friday for Lifescript about how to help in Haiti — which charities are safe to choose, and how the text-donating thing works. My focus there was really just to help well-meaning readers who want to help but aren’t sure how. It’s all just overwhelming.

Surfer Dudes, Resolutions, Camellias and Chicken Paillard …

Sometimes wisdom comes in the form of a 6-foot surfer dude in a Hawaiian shirt. …

Such was the case with me when I got the best advice about New Year’s resolutions I’ve ever received.

Come over to Health Bistro and read my post about who the surfer dude was, and how to make this New Year’s resolution be the one to truly come true

Also, don’t forget to check on the update in my Camellia Watch 2010: They’re blooming!

And don’t forget to stop by and say hi to Dave. If you ask him nicely, he might even post some of his cool recipes on my blog as a guest poster! I’ll photograph the steps and we can all learn along. … (Chicken paillard with basquaise sauce, here we come. …)

How Do You Keep Up With Laundry?

Hi! I’m blogging over at Health Bistro today on how to keep up with laundry!!!!!


I need your ideas. … I’m drowning here under two laundry baskets and four hampers. … Anyone have a brilliant, fool-proof schedule I can borrow?

And now — off to do some whites!

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