How Do You Keep Up With Laundry?

Hi! I’m blogging over at Health Bistro today on how to keep up with laundry!!!!!


I need your ideas. … I’m drowning here under two laundry baskets and four hampers. … Anyone have a brilliant, fool-proof schedule I can borrow?

And now — off to do some whites!

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One thought on “How Do You Keep Up With Laundry?

  1. Years ago I made a deal with my kids – I offered to give them 5$ extra allowance per month to do their own laundry. They of course thought that was a great idea and agreed. They were young (12, 9 and 6) so I taught them how to run the machines and they each picked which day of the week they wanted as their own and that was it. I had gone from trying to figure out when and how to get all of mine and my husbands clothes, towels from both bathrooms, bedding and the kids’ clothes all clean within the week to only worrying about mine/my husbands and the towels. They each included their sheets in with their clothes and it has been such a releif to my schedule. Of course sometimes I have to remind them to get them out of the dryer or to return the laundry basket, but that is a lot less stressful for me than trying to work all that laundry into an already busy schedule!

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