Camellia Watch 2010

Wow, look what I saw out my kitchen window this morning:


They’re blooooooooming. …

I love camellias. Mostly I love them because they’re one of the few large flowers that bloom in January, so they always look like “exceptions” (… or maybe “fighters”?).

I bought this pink one for my back patio about five years ago, and I planted it right in front of my kitchen window so I’d have a pretty flower to look at once Christmas ended. And, sure enough, it’s delivered: Every year, right about the time I put the Christmas decorations away (feeling a little sad), I look out my kitchen window and suck in my breath a little — there it is! The first camellia! Then I go out and see how many blooms I have.

Today I have three, looking like they’re getting ready to unfold any second. I always feel grateful that my camellias bloom for me, because I’m not a very good gardener. They really need acid in the soil, and there isn’t much there naturally, so I should add some, but I always forget. This year I’m going to try to be a more attentive gardener.

I mean, it’s the least I could do for those beautiful flowers that cheer me up after Christmas sadly ends. …


Less than a week later!:

Pretty young things. …

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6 thoughts on “Camellia Watch 2010

  1. Wow I am so happy for you-us!
    I was looking out at those while we were having our Sunday breakfast yesterday and I was going to tell how pretty they looked but I wanted you to be anleto see that on your own, to feel that same excitement!
    Another + honey!

  2. You have such a talent for making me realize all the little things that make a house a home…a recognition of all the small and beautiful things that surround us.

    So sorry about being a bad bloggy friend lately. Between work and the holidays and a bad case of the funks, I am embracing the new year. As always, your writing is always inspiring~!

  3. What a great idea having them there to cure your “Christmas-is-over-blues”! I can’t wait to see them once they are in full bloom. All I am seeing around here is frozen grass in the morning and rain lately =(

  4. Very cool! Camellias are my favorite flower. They are very popular in the South and having spent most of my adult life in Texas (a state which can be categorized as both the South and Southwest) I have definitely come to appreciate camellias. Camellia is actually the state flower of Alabama. While I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Alabama a few times, I do not want to spread too much love seeing as how the Crimson Tide will be taking on my Longhorns this Thursday for the National Championship. I’ll stop there since this isn’t a sports blog.

    Still, I love camellias and although they won’t be blooming in North Texas for a few more months, I do know the joy of seeing the first bloom and the signal it sends. I can’t wait to see these flowers in particular with my own eyes!

  5. Chris — Yeah, it is a weird kind of excitement, actually. Glad you let me “discover” them for myself. … 🙂

    Kat — What a very nice thing to say! Thank you so much. And sorry to hear about the case of the funks. I’ll have to cruise over to your blog today to see what’s up …

    Debi and Dave — I’ll keep you updated on the camellias’ progress with some photos when they bloom!

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