Taking Our Kids To “The City”

Although I had dedicated myself to a fiction-writing deadline that stole away pretty much every weekend of November, in the middle of it all I planned a four-day weekend getaway. … Yeah. Smart move. I don’t know what I was thinking. …

Well, actually I do. What I was thinking was: I’ve always wanted to take my kids to San Francisco. Rene is a junior already. My time is running out. November and San Francisco are a beautiful combo. I can’t let their childhoods slip by. …

So, despite the writing deadlines, off to Expedia I went, to plan something fun.

And here’s the thing: No regrets. Not one.

(I wrote once before how I never regretted a vacation, and that still stands. Despite all my before-we-go worries about money and time, little trips with my family always end up making up the bulk of my memories, and will probably be with me until I’m 100.)

Anyway, why San Francisco?  Continue reading


I did it!

I finished the new manuscript!

At 5:11, Nov. 24, to be exact.

I was thrilled, of course. A little shocked. A little giddy. A little doubtful. And a little sad, really, to have said “The End” to these characters, whom I’ve grown with and loved for a good three years now. (Yeah, three years. I got sidetracked a couple of times….)

Anyway, at 5:11, I threw my hands into the air and said “I’m DONE!” and Superman came rushing over from the living room with his cell phone to commemorate the moment. (Because I’m sure he could hardly believe it either.)

Then I went to pick Rene up from a church activity I’d dropped her off at, at 3 p.m. (and had told her I was “almost done with my book … I think…”). So I was excited to get her just a few hours later and say, “I finished!” I think she was in shock, too.

Then I went home and … uh … opened the file again. It’s like I don’t know what to do without this book open. …  Continue reading

6,000 Words!!!

I’m beside myself with joy that I knocked out 6,000 words last weekend!

I think that’s a record for me — 3,000 words a day.

Of course, my house reflects it: My floors are covered in dust, the fridge is empty, laundry is spilling out of the hampers, and it looks like a bomb went off in my living room.

But 6,000 words, people. I’m giddy.

The best part is that I think I only have about 6,000 words left! Until “The End”! I can hardly believe it.

(And if I could do 6,000 words in a dedicated two-day weekend, I can certainly do 6,000 in a dedicated, four-day  Thanksgiving weekend, right?)

So I’m counting down the hours, minutes, until Thanksgiving weekend. …

I might just have this puppy done!

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