Reader Question: Who Was the Inspiration for Fin?

Here’s a question from avid reader and friend Barbara during The Red Bikini book club, which we had on Facebook in September:

Q: Who (or what composite of people) was the inspiration for Fin and his personality? – Barbara Y.

A: When I knew that Giselle’s hero would be a surfer, I wanted immediately to bust the stereotype of a surfer, so my first inspiration for Fin was … Continue reading

What a Fall ‘Hermit Weekend’ Looks Like

I’ve had a lot of “hermit weekends” in a row (also known as “going into the writing cave” or “disappearing from society for a few days”) while I scramble to meet various deadlines.

Fall hermit weekends, though, I have to admit, are my favorite: The weather is beautiful; the light is gorgeous; the house is quiet (because everyone is in school, at least on Fridays and Mondays); and I can fuel my day with pumpkin spice Starbucks drinks.

Here’s how the last few hermit weekends have looked:

My writing uniform – flip-flops, cargo pants, tank top, jean jacket:

2014-10-24 09.32.21 HDR

Here is my town and my morning view as I head out to the supermarket for “writing supplies.” I love my town.  Continue reading

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