Whoo-hoo! I just typed “The End” on yet another manuscript! This will be my third. I’m now stepping out from the writer’s cave, blinking against the bright March sun, and trying to find my place back in the world. Lots of laundry to do. Must restock the fridge. Must finish putting boxes away from the remodel a few weeks ago. …

And must drink this wine that hubby had waiting for me to celebrate:


But it sure feels good to finish a third book!

Love/Hate Romance Covers? Here’s Your Chance to Judge!

So we really do judge books by their covers, don’t we? And romance covers, in particular, have ridden waves over the years from “clutch covers” to “pastoral covers” to “hero only” covers to “cartoon covers” to “body part” covers (usually hands or feet), which we’re seeing a lot of now.

Well, now’s your chance to voice your opinion!

The Judge a Book by its Cover Contest is sponsored by the Houston Bay Area RWA group and is one of the most fun “readers choice” contests around, in my opinion.

You get to score the best covers in contemporary romance, single-title (mine’s in there!), paranormal, historical, and more! Have fun!

You can play here: Judge a Book by its Cover Contest.