… Gulp …

Alright, I hate to do this yet again, but I don’t have my next “How I Met” installment done.

I could give you all my excuses — like my cold’s been raging again, I had a busy work week,  I’m distracted with Oregon applications and scholarships, my “How I Met” file disappeared temporarily, and other things going on (which are all true). But — fact is — Part 16 is just not ready yet.

And this is an important one. (Not one I can “phone in,” if you know what I mean. Or write under the influence of very strong nighttime cold medicine. …)

I also realize I told part of this out of order, but I don’t think it will matter. I mean, it’s not like I’m telling this under oath or anything, but seeing it flip-flopped now sort of bugs me.

Also, Chris and I remember the next part (Part 16) a little differently, which is interesting. But it was fun talking about it with him and getting his own recollection.

Lastly, if I drag this out long enough, I can almost get it to end on the very day it happened! Remember, we’re at Valentine’s Day already. So if I can stall or write it out long enough, I can end on the very day — thirty years ago. Egads. (I think I should get some Brownie points now for even remembering this from thirty years ago.)

(But honestly, I’m not exactly remembering it. I cheated and went back and looked at my diary! That’s how I know I flip-flopped parts. It was painful and excruciating reading my stuff from back then — especially the dramatic writing –but it was interesting. Sort of. [Mostly painful.] But even though I wrote volumes about the old boyfriends, and all the good friends in this story, I wrote very little about Chris, except for how much I adored him, and how I didn’t think he’d ever like me. But mostly I kept writing “There’s too much to say about Chris, so I’ll just close this now and tell you next time.” And then the next entry would go on about some friend, and then I’d say “There’s SO MUCH to tell about Chris, but I’m tired now, so I’ll write about him next.” … And so on. It was killing me.)

Anyway, thanks for your patience. Now I’m going to go take some cold medicine and try to find my lost files. …

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3 thoughts on “… Gulp …

  1. Ok, your reasons all seem valid – forgiven!
    Funny how you kept writing “I will write about him next time…” Who would have thought your “next time” would be 30 yrs. though, huh!!

  2. Well the way I remember it, I …Aw, I don’t want to blow it for anyone. Suffice it to say that Laurie deserves brownie points and a lot more for sticking around me for 30 years. I got tired of MYSELF after the first 5!!!!!
    Mother Theresa had it easier; the poor people she treated never needed as much attention or whined as much as I did, and do!
    So I wait…

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