Pioneer Woman Recipes!

So Superman’s been making Pioneer Woman recipes!

I’m a huge fan of The Pioneer Woman, and all her recipes look so delicious. I send them to him by email sometimes and say “Let’s try this one!” so he finally jumped on it last week and started one.

He started with her Flatbread Mexican Pizzas, even rolling out dough with a rolling pin and flour, which I’m pretty sure Superman has never done before in his life:

Then there was the chopping of the onions and cilantro, which he does all the time:

But I noticed something different about men cooking in the kitchen. For one, the TV is always on, and it looks like this: 

Yep, that’s right. NFL football in the background the whole time. … I don’t think I’ve ever put NFL football on in the kitchen in my life.

The other thing is that men look much better in their blue jeans in the kitchen:

 Ahem. …

So anyway, I set the table. I like using my favorite accessories, like wine:

 A few aromatic minutes later, here was the finished product:

He scooped each one off the baking stone and we put our own lettuce, tomato, cilantro, and onions on at the table. I took the above picture right off the baking stone — it’s the last little Mexican flatbread pizza left, because all the others were already being devoured by the family, and my kids were saying “hurry up and come eat!” So I put my camera down and went and joined them. …

Next up? Pioneer Woman’s Beef with Snow Pea Stir Fry. …

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7 thoughts on “Pioneer Woman Recipes!

  1. What, no Tabasco bottle in the pix? : ) Looks scrumptious! I’ll have to check out your recipe source…

    I love it when men like to cook. Expert or no, it’s fun to witness as different sensibilities tend to come out…

  2. Wow, that looks so good I want to make it again!
    And hey I didn’t know you used your camera for those, er, um “blue jean” shots. I don’t know if I should feel violated or thrilled…Ok, I’m thrilled!!!!!

  3. That looks delicious – I have never heard of Pioneer Woman. I will have to google her! Thanks for the play by play of the meal (get it…NFL in the kitchen, haha). I love that after all these years you still like to have fun and take pictures of, um blue jeans too!

  4. Nothing’s sexier than a man who rolls dough! The flatbread looks delish – especially with all your toppings. I’m a huge fan of PW too. I just made her “Sour Cream Enchiladas,” only I added onion, garlic, spinach and shredded chicken. (Vegetarian meals have no place in my home!) Her recipes are always a slam-dunk.

    P.S. I love how your whole family cooks!
    Wander Woman´s last blog post ..Beef Gross-ket

  5. I made the beef with snow peas last Friday night and both Dan and I loved it. It was so simply to make and very tasty too!

  6. Debi — you’ll love Pioneer Woman! Click on her link in the story and it’ll take you right there.

    Hey, Wander Woman! — I looked up her “Sour Cream Enchiladas” and they look so good! But the added chicken seems like a good idea. We’ll have to try those. And yes, the whole family (except oldest son) does like to cook/bake, but we’ve learned that no two people can make the same dish or it starts to feel competitive. Everyone has to have their own thing! (My tip of the day.)

    Carrie — Oh! Superman made that, too! It was good — that will surely enter our rotation. I didn’t take a ton of pics, but I’ll try to post the ones I did take. Do you make a lot of PW’s recipes? I know you usually cook pretty healthy, and she’s not exactly known for her minimal butter and oil, but some of them are so good, right?

  7. Hi, Barbara! (Funny about the Tabasco!) Good line, though — “different sensibilities coming out.” That’s exactly it, and you put it a lot more eloquently than I did. 😉

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