Food and Fiction Meme

My friend over at Incurable Logophilia ran a terrific meme the other day about food and fiction, so I thought I’d copy. It’s a great meme. It really makes you think about how food and fiction can be intertwined. Please add your associations at the end! I love to hear other people’s literary memories. …

 Food from fiction that you’d like to sample:

 Right away, I think of being a child and reading about the maple syrup concoctions Laura and Mary Ingalls made in Little House on the Prairie (and Little House in the Big Woods, I believe). (I guess that might actually fall under the “nonfiction” category, but I definitely remember reading that item in a book and wishing I could sample.) The girls would pour syrup onto the snow in swirling configurations, let them freeze, then eat them like a cookie. I always thought that sounded fun.

 As an adult, though … hmmm … well, I still lean toward the sweets: In Chocolat, I remember the way they described the hot chocolate in the book – thick and foamy, with real milk and real chocolate – and I recall wanting to taste that so badly.

 A fictional meal you would like to have attended:

 For some reason, the first thing that comes to mind here is The Great Gatsby, and the characters all sitting out on the veranda, the first night Nick visits Daisy. I would like to have been there, drinking claret while the summer wind blew the curtains and Daisy questioned whether the candles should be lit. It was such a strange but romantic conversation, with so many secrets. I always wanted to help Nick sort through the lies. Continue reading

The Happiness Book

img_2339My husband has a Happiness Book. I’m not sure which part of this charms me most: the fact that he thought to start such a thing, the fact that he spent some minutes getting out a piece of paper and making a little cover for it, or the image of him searching for little plastic holder thingys at work every time he adds a page. (Picture this guy with big biceps, carefully putting a tiny little piece of paper – maybe something with little blue clouds on it – into a three ring binder, then clipping the rings shut and staring at the drawing.) It all seems rather out of character for him as a man, yet completely in character as a dad.

The Happiness Book started about 8 years ago, when our eldest son was 7. Our son – like all children, I’m sure – would create lots of drawings: fingerprint characters, short stories he wrote, stick figures playing basketball, and lots and lots of dinosaurs. He’d tuck his little drawings into my husband’s drawer at home so my husband would be sure to see them when he left for his sheriff’s job at the courthouse. My husband dutifully brought each piece to work, but eventually the drawings came to cover too much uniform-locker space, and then too much bailiff-desk space. So my husband got a white binder from the supply room, made a simple cover, and started putting all the drawings in plastic pages. The Happiness Book was born.

The simple white binder stands about three inches thick now, Continue reading

A Little Face-Time for Facebook …

Another weekend, another couple hours on Facebook … yes?


Actually, I wasn’t able to spend much time on Facebook this week or this weekend, and I was surprised at how much guilt I felt. I received an “out of office” pingback from a girlfriend, in fact, and when I hurriedly sent a different e-mail to her home to ask about her absence (her pingback mentioned surgery), she said “Check out my Facebook page for details. …” Gulp. (As in “You obviously haven’t been reading my Facebook page.”) More guilt. Am I supposed to be reading it every night? I got on Facebook to have a little fun, but now I’m wondering if signing up is sort of like signing a contract to spend at least a half an hour on it per day. Or else you might get Superpoked.


If Twitter is the great big networking cocktail party (where you stand around swirling your Manhattan, looking for someone to introduce yourself to), surely Facebook is the raucous Christmas party in your family’s home basement, no? It’s the casual-sweater-wearing crowd, where everyone is sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on the couch, passing photos up and down the line.


At first, I really liked this casualness. I loved getting in touch with old friends, and I loved looking at everyone’s pictures. Continue reading

Social Media Questions and Answers

Q: I am curious how you got the Yahoo! avatar on your sidebar. I don’t necessarily want an avatar there, but maybe some other kind of graphic.


A: Good question. I had trouble putting graphics in my sidebar on the free option of WordPress. That avatar isn’t exactly a graphic – it’s a feed, believe it or not. So it’s simply HTML coding for the feed. I put the coding in the “Text” box for widgets. Any kind of coding or graphic you simply put in the “Text” box. I find that it won’t take Javascript, though.


Other options for graphics in your sidebar on WordPress are photos, which you do through Flickr. Flickr is also one of your widget options.


Other than that, I couldn’t find any choices! So if you do, Bill, let me know! We’ll share tips.


Q: I tried to subscribe to your RSS feed, but it didn’t work. I’m technologically challenged. How do I do it?


A: Yes, RSS is strangely complicated to set up. I say strangely because it’s actually wonderfully easy to use, once it’s set up. Continue reading

Open Floor: Questions

I have a few posts lined up about various topics, including one about Facebook (which I can’t wait to ask you all about), and one about little kids and their stuffed animals (!), but first I want to take a quick day or two to do a little Q&A. Some of you ask me questions off-line – about RSS or avatars or writing or whatever – and even though I try to answer you each individually, I may have forgotten. (Sorry if I did!) So please throw your questions back at me! I’ll try to answer everything in one post, especially if it might be helpful info to others. (Like to Bill, who just said in the last comment that he was going to start his own blog – yay, Bill!)


So the floor’s open.


If you don’t have a question, please leave an opinion – I’d equally love to hear from you about what posts you’ve liked or what you haven’t liked. I know I’m a little all over the place, topic-wise (and I can’t say I promise to stay “on topic” in the future!) but if there’s a certain category everyone likes more than others, let me know. I’ll do my best to generate more about that.


Beyond that, have a great Friday! I’m at the Natural Products Expo all day!

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