Open Floor: Questions

I have a few posts lined up about various topics, including one about Facebook (which I can’t wait to ask you all about), and one about little kids and their stuffed animals (!), but first I want to take a quick day or two to do a little Q&A. Some of you ask me questions off-line – about RSS or avatars or writing or whatever – and even though I try to answer you each individually, I may have forgotten. (Sorry if I did!) So please throw your questions back at me! I’ll try to answer everything in one post, especially if it might be helpful info to others. (Like to Bill, who just said in the last comment that he was going to start his own blog – yay, Bill!)


So the floor’s open.


If you don’t have a question, please leave an opinion – I’d equally love to hear from you about what posts you’ve liked or what you haven’t liked. I know I’m a little all over the place, topic-wise (and I can’t say I promise to stay “on topic” in the future!) but if there’s a certain category everyone likes more than others, let me know. I’ll do my best to generate more about that.


Beyond that, have a great Friday! I’m at the Natural Products Expo all day!

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0 thoughts on “Open Floor: Questions

  1. Hi, Laurie! I am curious how you got the Yahoo! avatar on your sidebar. I don’t necessarily want an avatar there, but maybe some other kind of graphic.

  2. Laurie,

    Ditto about your Avi on your sidebar. It’s cute but how did you put it there? Also, I tried to subscribe to your RSS feed, but it didn’t work. I’m technologically challenged. How do I do it? And do I have to be a member of Twitter to get your twitter? And how was the Natural products fair? And finally, are you done editing?

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