The Happiness Book

img_2339My husband has a Happiness Book. I’m not sure which part of this charms me most: the fact that he thought to start such a thing, the fact that he spent some minutes getting out a piece of paper and making a little cover for it, or the image of him searching for little plastic holder thingys at work every time he adds a page. (Picture this guy with big biceps, carefully putting a tiny little piece of paper – maybe something with little blue clouds on it – into a three ring binder, then clipping the rings shut and staring at the drawing.) It all seems rather out of character for him as a man, yet completely in character as a dad.

The Happiness Book started about 8 years ago, when our eldest son was 7. Our son – like all children, I’m sure – would create lots of drawings: fingerprint characters, short stories he wrote, stick figures playing basketball, and lots and lots of dinosaurs. He’d tuck his little drawings into my husband’s drawer at home so my husband would be sure to see them when he left for his sheriff’s job at the courthouse. My husband dutifully brought each piece to work, but eventually the drawings came to cover too much uniform-locker space, and then too much bailiff-desk space. So my husband got a white binder from the supply room, made a simple cover, and started putting all the drawings in plastic pages. The Happiness Book was born.

The simple white binder stands about three inches thick now, Continue reading

The Power of Visualization

san-francisco2I have a lot of other posts lined up, but I thought I’d revist this topic briefly, since it was a good discussion over the weekend. …


On this topic of lists – and whether or not it’s important to have one for the man of our dreams – I have to say, you all are convincing me of an alternative viewpoint.


I’d always thought it was a terrible idea – and I’d always thought it was a fluke, or a freakishly astonishing coincidence, that I’d married a man who met the requirements of my original “list” (as childish as it was). But I’m starting to see your point of visualization.

I do believe in visualization. Urban-fantasy writer Jordon Summers blogged about this the other week, when she was talking about her ability to simply make things happen the way she expected them to go. And I was sort of talking about this the other day, when I spoke about knowing what you really want, and why aren’t you simply making that happen? My former coworker Jen K. and I talked about this, too: how she finds it half-frightening, half-liberating, that – once she sets her mind to something – she simply makes it materialize. She gave a lot of examples, but – right before my eyes – I heard her say one day that she’d really like to live in San Francisco. Continue reading

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