Happy Anniversary To Us — 22!

We celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving weekend!

The previous weekend, we had been at Superman’s brother’s house, and he gave me some pictures from our wedding day that I think my aunt took.

I hadn’t seen these pictures in a long time.

They made me smile:


Happy Anniversary, Superman! May we have many, many more moments that make us smile. …


Writing a Christmas Novella

For the next project, I asked several writer/reader/romantic-heart friends if they’d help me brainstorm a good holiday romance. I’ve written about my love-hate relationship with Christmas romances before here, but the thing of it is, I really do like the concept of holiday romances. I just rarely like them in reality. (I’m reading one by Lisa Kleypas right now, though, that might be a pleasant exception – so far, so good.)

I’m excited to see what all my friends come up with! They don’t all read them, so their ideas will probably be quite out of the box. I’ve already received two e-mails back, with some fab ideas. This seems so fun to me, like writing on assignment — they can assign any characters, premise and setting, and I’ll just go to town, turning them over in my mind until they all take shape, and I can suddenly visualize the first scene (and the next, and next). … I promise I’ll thank the idea person on the first page if I can get one published!

Fun stuff!

Keep ‘em coming!

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