Happy Anniversary To Us — 22!

We celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving weekend!

The previous weekend, we had been at Superman’s brother’s house, and he gave me some pictures from our wedding day that I think my aunt took.

I hadn’t seen these pictures in a long time.

They made me smile:


Happy Anniversary, Superman! May we have many, many more moments that make us smile. …


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14 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Us — 22!

  1. Thanks much, Debi! Actually, we didn’t go anywhere this year — big trip only every five years! So we’re planning for our 25th. … : )

  2. Happy anniversary to you my BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL wife!
    Without you I’m nothing!
    I lobe you!


  3. These are so fun, Laurie! Who is the groomsman standing between Kevin and Lance? Think I should know but trying to recall.

    Happy Belated Anniversary to you two!

  4. Those are beautiful pic’s! 22 years. Congratulations guys. As we get older we realize not everyone has a happy ever after, and how rare and precious it is when you are one of the lucky ones who work at marriage and keep love alive. You both are beautiful role models for your kids..and that is awesome! And Chris, I love the way you support Laurie. That is awesome too! May your happiness and blessings last for the next 50 years. (And after working in skilled care, I’ve seen people who have been married that long.)

  5. Crystal — Thanks! Yes, the 5-year plan works, especially when you have kids! And when we were planning our wedding, we didn’t think ahead to the fact that we picked the TOUGHEST weekend of the year to travel — Thanksgiving weekend! So we tend to take our anniversary trips earlier in Nov, or the first week of Dec instead. It makes it fun, though!

  6. Barbara — That’s Bobby. He was married (at the time) to my matron of honor, Michelle, and we used to hang out with them all the time — they were one of the only married couples we knew, in fact (we were so young)!

  7. Nicole — Now THAT sums it up perfectly, Nicole! Total ’80s decadence! Ha! All those bows and tons of taffeta … sheesh. But it was truly a sign of the times. (Our prom dresses looked like that, too, back then!)

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