Writing a Christmas Novella

For the next project, I asked several writer/reader/romantic-heart friends if they’d help me brainstorm a good holiday romance. I’ve written about my love-hate relationship with Christmas romances before here, but the thing of it is, I really do like the concept of holiday romances. I just rarely like them in reality. (I’m reading one by Lisa Kleypas right now, though, that might be a pleasant exception – so far, so good.)

I’m excited to see what all my friends come up with! They don’t all read them, so their ideas will probably be quite out of the box. I’ve already received two e-mails back, with some fab ideas. This seems so fun to me, like writing on assignment — they can assign any characters, premise and setting, and I’ll just go to town, turning them over in my mind until they all take shape, and I can suddenly visualize the first scene (and the next, and next). … I promise I’ll thank the idea person on the first page if I can get one published!

Fun stuff!

Keep ‘em coming!

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4 thoughts on “Writing a Christmas Novella

  1. Crystal — No worries! I’ll take it any time. In fact, I’m thinking about writing only Christmas books, and taking all year to do it! (Weird? Hmmm … maybe that is. … I’ll see how I feel about that plan in April.) But anyway, send your ideas any time, even if you only have two items filled in. It’s weird how participants’ ideas gelled with each other and helped me think through some obstacles!

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