Come Sail Away …

Superman and I were invited to a beautiful afternoon and cocktail hour on a 32-foot sailboat with friends this weekend, out on the waters of Newport Beach.

We didn’t get the sails up, because the water outside the jetty was a little too choppy, but we had a great time cruising the harbor, enjoying the early evening sunshine, drinking wine, chatting with fun people, and people- and boat-watching along the Balboa Penninsula. …

So what do you see in Newport Harbor?

We saw Duffy boats:

Wedding boats:

Lots of other sail boats:



Paddle surfers:

Lots of yachts and beautiful homes:



The Virgin Oceanic boat, ready to start its next mission:

The high-rises of Newport Beach:

And the Balboa Island ferry, which you can still ride for only $1:

Chris even got to steer for a minute:

It was one of those afternoons with really nice people, where you’re glad you got out and remembered why you love living here.