THHS “Flash Mob” Dance – 2011

The Trabuco Hills graduating class of 2011 did a great “flash mob” dance at the graduation ceremony. They made us wanna …. (Shout!)
Kick our heels up and (Shout!)
Throw our hands up and (Shout!)…

Congrats, Class of 2011! You guys are awesome.

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3 thoughts on “THHS “Flash Mob” Dance – 2011

  1. That is cool that they did that! Congratulations to Ricky and to you and Superman! It is such a weird feeling seeing your first child graduate and realizing that everything is about to change. My youngest is going to be a senior next year and I am already starting to freak out a little, only one more year and they are all out of the house =(

  2. Cool!! Very fun.

    Congratulations to Ricky! I’m excited for you guys, too, because this is a great new chapter…

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