And yes … ANOTHER Favorite Show: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

So I’ve covered my newest obsession with two TV shows: Breaking Bad and The Bachelor.

Here’s my other guilty pleasure:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Yes, I’ve been a housewives fan for a long time. (I’ve even blogged about it before, here and here.)

Orange County was always my favorite – Not so much because I  like the women but simply because I KNOW ALL THOSE PLACES THEY’RE SHOWING! They film in Coto de Caza (right up the street from me), Rancho Santa Margarita (my town), and Ladera Ranch (down the street from me). So I know all those restaurants, all those shops, all the freeways I can see in the backgrounds, all those park benches, all those beaches, the schools they mention, and that lake they walk around is my lake. So that’s why the show is fun. We’ve seen them filming around town, and we’ve seen quite a few of the housewives out and about – I saw Vickie and Don in the parking lot at Lowes; Tamara and Simon at Target; Chris has seen Jeanna on a few occasions at Starbucks and Pavilions; and Ricky sees one of the sons at the gym. So that’s what makes that show exciting for me. But …  Continue reading

Another Favorite TV Show: The Bachelor

Of course, Breaking Bad isn’t the only TV show I was hooked on this week. Superman and I have an embarrassing lineup.

I’m supposed to be writing fiction every night and getting my 4,000-words-a-week in, but instead I find myself in my PJs at a frighteningly early hour, snuggled under a chenille blanket next to Superman, handing him the remote so he’ll show me our long list of shows recorded and coming up. … oh joy, oh joy. … We even have a carefully choreographed routine to get HD shows early on a downstairs DVR while we record other shows at regular time on our upstairs DVR. …

Gah. It’s embarrassing, really.

So what are we watching?

I think they might deserve separate posts!

This one will be about The Bachelor. …

So I’ve seen about half the seasons of The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t. I can’t quite pin down what specifically makes me like a certain season and why I can shrug my shoulders at another, but I suppose it has to do with the outside drama, how hot I think the bachelor really is (or contestant bachelors are), and how much I think of the bachelorette (or contestant bachelorettes) as someone I’d be friends with, and therefore someone I’d want to find some kind of happiness in love.

(In other words, all the same criteria for a great romance novel!)  Continue reading

A New Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad

One of the things my son has been doing since he’s been home on winter break (especially this last week, since all his friends are returning to school) is catching up on favorite TV shows he’s missed all semester – Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, Community, 30 Rock, and others.

I come home for lunch, and he’s there on the couch, watching HIMYM. I come home later, after work, and he’s still there on the couch, seven episodes later. …

Sometimes he’s gone to the gym in the middle of it all, but sometimes not.

One show that he got me hooked on, though, is Breaking Bad. And next thing I knew, I was the couch potato, sitting through FIVE EPISODES in one evening alone (yes, that’s right, I said five. And they’re an HOUR long. And this was AFTER dinner…). I was like a total addict. … Continue reading

Clearly, the ‘Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever’ …

Well, I’m a little late posting this post, but I just wanted to say that this season’s “The Bachelorette” ending last night might have truly been the “most dramatic rose ceremony ever” …

I got completely sucked into this season. Complete with popcorn, DVRing, and everything. I got hooked sometime around the moment Bentley made his most jerky comments, and then pretty much every Monday since.

I’ve been really rooting for J.P. — he always seemed like a more obvious choice to me — but man, that ending with Ben really got to me. For the first time ever on this show, I really felt like we were watching a season of real emotions and real relationships play out — Ben was killing me with that heartfelt proposal! My heart just broke for him when she pulled him back up from his bended knee. And then he tucked that ring back into its box and said, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming” …

Oh, Ben.


Really. Continue reading

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