I’m so sorry, but I need a 1-week hiatus from my “How I Met Superman” story. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather this week (just a random cold/sinus thing that came along with a fever) and it’s wiping me out. So instead of writing every night, I’ve been flopping on the couch like a rag doll. I’ll get back to it this weekend, though!

One of the things I watched last night, as I was flopped like the doll, was the Beverly Hills Housewives. Oh my gosh, I think I might like this show best of the whole series! I can’t get enough of the Kim/Kyle sisterly fights, the medium coming to dinner, the weird “I-love-my-kids-but-could-someone-else-watch-them?” business, Cedric-the-permanent-house-guest, Camille and her strange way of speaking to the camera, etc. I eagerly look forward to “housewives” nights. …

How about you? Are you as addicted to the “Housewives” series as I am? Which is your favorite?

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8 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that I am proud of my role in bringing you into the juggernaut that is the “Housewives” franchise!
    You know it’s important that couples have quality time together and I’m happy that we have this to help bring us closer together. Watching how well these wealthy people behave and how they treat their families is truly inspiring.
    Oh and you forgot to mention the Atlanta “Housewife/mistress/other woman” [hey that should actually be the title of the series…
    ” The Real Housewives/Mistresses/Other Women/Absent Parents of ______”]
    Kim who ordered up that ultra expensive home visit of that laser treatment that is supposed to burn/melt fat from under the skin and while she’s having the treatment the pizza she ordered arrives and she is undergoing the fat “melting” treatment while eating pizza. Not that watch much or anything…

  2. What? They have a Beverly Hills one now?

    Time for me to start watching TV again.

    What channel and what time?!?!?!

    Get well soon.


  3. Yep, Geri — Beverly Hills is on Thursday nights on Bravo (not sure of time — I think 10:00? We watched it on some crazy cable-goes-live-thing that I don’t understand. …). I think next week is the final episode, though, so there will be a marathon soon one of these weekends on Bravo! You’ll have to catch the marathon for full Beverly Hills goodness!

    Meanwhile, Atlanta is on Monday nights. I didn’t used to like that one, but now I do. (Phaedra was a great addition. And Nene got way more interesting.)

    Next up is NYC! Can’t wait. Then OC starts up again pretty soon. … More train wreck. …

  4. Thanks for well wishes, everyone!

    And C, I wouldn’t want to watch with anyone but you — only you understand the best parts to heckle! 😉

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