Having Boys

They can never walk quietly along a sidewalk, holding your hand; instead they need to gallop down sidewalk, leap up and down off the curbs, and balance on any knee-length wall that look like a balance beam.

They can never just politely sip a drink through a straw; instead they must blow bubbles, shape the straw into angles, or try to squirt each other.

Their socks are only clean when you take them out of the package. After that, no matter how freshly washed, they have the color of sand, mud, pebbles and bark.

Their pockets, when you do the laundry, are often filled with rocks, pinecones, gum wrappers, Nerf bullets, pens and rubber bands.

Their hands are perpetually dirty, even right after washing.

They hate to take showers until about the 6th grade.

They love dinosaurs.

They love superheroes.

They can play outside for hours and hours, moving easily from one game to the next, as long as there are other boys to play with.

Tag is a universal game for all ages, every generation.

But after all their crazy energy, dirty socks, moaning about showers, and shooting Nerf guns all day and all night, they are the coziest of cozy on the couch.

And they love their moms.

I love having boys. …


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7 thoughts on “Having Boys

  1. Even Dads like having sons. You described them to “T”.
    They also love to try and shave when they are about 5. They love to tinker with tools.

  2. Of course I was a boy once-but, Laurie, I’m sure you could argue that I STILL AM A BOY in most respects-yet even I never tire of watching our little one with his friends. And yea, they love their mom like crazy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  3. Oh and I remember being younger and my brothers would tease me mercilessly because MY HANDS WERE ALWAYS DIRTY “looking;” I would truly wash and scrub and do all I could to get them clean but the dirt just never seemed to get out of those little grooves. I think I finally got the last bit of dirt out last week…let’s see them tease me now!!!!!

  4. Dare to Become — You hit the nail right on the head with that: “different and divine,” for sure. 🙂

    Posey — Aw, your daughter sounds cute! Mine is wildly different from my boys (although I do distinctly remember her carrying around rocks and play dinosaurs in her play PURSE, which I always thought was funny!). So I’ll have to write my ode to daughters next. …

  5. Oh, and yes, tools. … That’s another commonality, as our one wall in our garage with tons of random screws in it can attest!

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