3 for Thursday: 3 States You’ve Always Wanted to Visit

All right, everyone asks the 3 countries you’ve always wanted to see, but what about 3 states you haven’t seen for some reason?

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5 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 States You’ve Always Wanted to Visit

  1. Good question!
    I just visited Washington DC (I know it’s not a state but it is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and thanks to my father and his wife and to my son, my oldest and I were recently there) so that’s out though I do want to go back for an extended visit with my whole family!

    Ok but on to the question at hand…

    1-Hawaii! Don’t even need to explain do I????

    2-Colorado, the mountains and the beauty just call to me.

    3- Illinois, I have to admit this would mostly be to see Chicago. Everybody I know who has ever been there says that it is a wonderful city.

    *Honorable mention for me would be Tennessee as it has such a rich cultural and musical history and from pictures I’ve seen, it looks beautiful.

  2. Alaska is at the top of my list and not just because I am crushing on Sarah Palin. OK, mostly because I am crushing on Sarah Palin. But there is more to Alaska than the most beautiful Conservative ever (sorry, Pat Nixon). Alaska looks like a great place for hiking, fishing, hunting and just about anything else one wants to do outside. Maine is also on my list for many of the same reasons as Alaska. Maine is so opposite from what I am used to in Texas and Southern California. I’d love to just get lost for a week in the Maine back country. Lastly, I would have to pick Wyoming. Once again, Wyoming is great for outdoors recreation and the bulk of Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming. I would love to visit Yellowstone in addition to doing some mountain biking and trail running in Jackson.

  3. Let me start by telling Chris to definately go to Hawaii, Colorado and Tennessee – those are some of the most beautiful places I have been! As far as places for me – well…
    Arizona – I know it is really close to me, but I have never been. All the snow birds around here go when it gets cold. I love hot weather, so that appeals to me. The shopping in Mexico sounds good too!
    Conneticut – I remember the old “Newhart” show and it just seemed like a pretty place to go (I could be wrong).
    Rhode Island – I actually was born there but left when I was 6 months old. I don’t know if there is anything great to look at, I just want to see it =)

  4. You guys are all giving such interesting choices, you’re confusing MY choices! (Now I want to go to yours!)

    But, for me, I’d like to go to:

    – One of the New England states in the fall. I’m not sure which one. Whichever one has the prettiest leaves in the fall, I guess, and maybe some apple-picking.
    – Wyoming. I’m with Dave on this one, because Yellowstone has been on my list of places to visit forever.
    – Colorado. Not sure what I want to do there, but I’ve always wanted to see it, and it’s soooooo close — I can’t believe we’ve never been there. Let’s go, Chris!

    Debi — Sedona is a great destination to plan for Arizona!

  5. I know its not Thursday, but I need to put my two cents in on States to visit. I have been to every State except Alaska, so
    1. Alaska has to be the first on my list. I agree with all the reasons David list, but also I have seen many photos from people who have been there, and I believe that it is truly a beautiful place.
    2. Even though I have been there and worked there, I would love to go back to Rhode Island. The little towns in the middle of the woods/forests were just something else. The people were all so friendly and nice. The streams just looked so inviting.
    3. Idaho, When we lived in Montana, we would go into Idaho to hunt and fish sometimes and it was such a lush beautiful place. We would sit on a hill and watch the antelope run. Even herds of deer. The rivers and streams would cross the mountain road and you would see the fish flowing with the waters. I would see the same thing in Montana, but I lived there 4 years and only visited Idaho.
    The other places Tennesee, Colorado, Maine, Wyoming were/are all great places. Mountain drives, Woods, rivers are all great, just stay off the main interstate and go via the back roads.

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