Strange Obama-Inaguration Details …

Regardless of political leaning, no one could deny that the last few days — surrounding the presidential inauguration — have been electric. Today feels a bit “business as usual” (as the Dow drops, and Microsoft announces layoffs), but Tuesday and Wednesday felt a little bit like hope.

The inauguration itself was truly one of energy. I don’t recall ever seeing a presidential motorcade drive by to such cheers, and I must say it was really exciting. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a bit of a skeptic regarding Obama — I find it hard to believe that so much change can happen in a White House that can hardly change the curtains without an RFP and 25 stamps of approval — but I have to admit, the inauguration set things off on a great note. There was truly a feeling of energy and youth swirling through those Washington skies.

Aside from all the regular significance that everyone was feeling, though, I couldn’t help but be embarrassed that I was really fascinated over a few strange details:

  • That Lincoln’s bible made that strange reappearance.
  • That the television commentators kept saying that Obama was the first “non Boomer” president in a long time. But I think he still is in the Boomer category, no? Doesn’t Gen X start around 1966?
  • That the TV people kept bringing up Obama’s iPod.
  • That somewhere, behind the scenes, there was a staff at the White House scrambling (… scrambling, mind you) to unpack the Obamas’ bags, clothes, books, shoes, musical interests, bedding, stuffed animals, Scattergories games, Webkinz, Monopoly pieces, backpacks, socks, coats, scarves, etc. before they returned that afternoon. I would have loved to have seen that unpacking frenzy.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to watch. Now, I guess, it’s time to get to work.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming …

What detail did you find most fascinating? Were you zeroing in on odd things like I was during the fanfare?

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