To the Beach!

Did I mention we did manage to get to the beach, just in the nick of time for summer’s end? We took Rene to the art festival in Laguna the weekend before the festivals closed (whew! nick of time!), and then rode the trolley to Main Beach and caught a low tide so Nathan could go exploring in the tide pools.

It was a perfect summer day, right before summer ended. … I already want to go back!

3 for Thursday: Scariest Movies You’ve Ever Seen (including your first!)

Three for Thursday is a new game I’m starting here for random Thursdays — But truly, it’s only fun if you all leave comments! So please join in  — I can’t wait to hear your lists. …

First up, in honor of Halloween coming up next month:

3 Scariest Movies You’ve Ever Seen (including your first!)

Mine are:

1. First: “Picture Mommy Dead” — I know, it sounds awful. (And it was! Horrifying ghost story.) We had a babysitter, and she let me stay up and watch it. I was around 7. I had nightmares for weeks.

2. “The Shining” — Saw this in high school. Gads. Jack Nicholson was awesome scary!

3. “Halloween” — I don’t think I saw this until I was in my 20s, and I’m still not sure I ever saw the whole thing. I’m a chicken.

(And I couldn’t list more than 3 if I wanted to because I’m such a chicken!)

How about you?