Road Trip! Day 3 — Seattle

Day 3 began in Eugene, where we woke up to incredibly green surroundings outside the French-door windows of the hotel’s continental-breakfast dining room (where a creek ran behind the hotel, complete with uber-green shade trees and ducks, and even a duck called “007” who had learned to sneak in the French doors to steal waffles). Lovely place, Oregon is.

We ate, packed back up, and hit the road again for Seattle. …

But first: College campus driving tour for Rene!

We cruised around Eugene a bit to look at the University of Oregon — wow, pretty campus. Then we headed up the 5 to Corvalis, where we took a detour to Oregon State University — also nice campus (and great stadium!). Rene is only moderately interested in the Oregon schools because they’re out of our price range anyway — they don’t participate in the “Western Exchange” program, where western states cut the ridiculously inflated out-of-state tuition for each other. (At least Oregon doesn’t participate with California — probably because California is being stingy in some way.)

Anyway, after the Oregon-college tour, we headed through Portland, where we’d wanted to stop, but decided to keep going to spend more time in Seattle. My main thought about Portland: IT’S SO MUCH BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT! I wasn’t expecting a full-on city for some reason. Looked nice, but we only saw it from the freeway.

Once in Washington, the drive turned super-green again — pretty, pretty trees. Mostly pine. Very calming. It started to rain. We did another brief detour to Puget Sound, so Rene could see The University of Puget Sound, which is a teeny-tiny college she was interested in. I thought Puget Sound was pretty. Seemed like an island (cottage homes, small streets, small-townish, so much waterfront), although it’s not. I’d love to write a story about a place like that.

After that drive-around, we headed into Seattle and checked it out. Checked into the hotel, freshened-up, then headed out to dinner. We walked along the waterfront a bit:

 We rode the Giant Wheel so we could take in the view of Seattle at sunset:

We ate crab at The Crab Pot, then walked through the city a bit and looked for the building where Ricky did his internship at Seattle Met. (Found it!) So then we could visualize his day, riding the bus to the corner, walking down to the brick building. He was almost RIGHT across from the Giant Wheel. Very cool.

Then it was back to the hotel, where we pretended we were in the show Frasier, and relaxed and got some sleep before tomorrow’s drive. Our family assessment: Everyone wants to come back to Seattle and spend more time.

Next up: Missoula!

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2 thoughts on “Road Trip! Day 3 — Seattle

  1. This was such a fun trip! We definitely need to head back there!
    But don’t forget you promised to get me to me Hawaii some day too! Whew, so many places to see! Not a bad problem to have!

  2. Chris, I’ve never been to Hawaii, either! It’s on my list…

    My nephew an I went did a 1’2-day tour of thees city a few years ago, and we asked our driver where Frazier’s apartment building was! (Our favorite sitcom. Ever.) I still think it has to be there somewhere…

    Seattle is fantastic. I’d move there in a heartbeat. Always wondered how Portland compares.

    What an amazing trip for the Sanchez family! Oh, and I think Chris should start modeling as a side gig. No, seriously.

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